Jennifer Lopez Measurements

Jennifer Lopez MeasurementsThe Flat Tummy And The Curvy Assets

The Global Superstar

With her million dollars fortune and global hits, Jenifer Lopez body Measurements look really really perfect. The mother of twin has been seen in public wearing that big smile with her kids even after the breakup course. She intended to have her ‘me time’ if that is okay with the public. With so much rumors going on, it is no wonder that people are still talking about Jennifer Lopez

Bra size! Come on! The speculations are still going on apparently. Up to this day, the somehow natural beauty is not natural when it comes to the controversies she made.
She had been mad with a plastic surgeon that claimed she has gone under the knife. But then the doctor wrote an apology stating that Jennifer is naturally beautiful lady. Sounds like drama?

Jennifer Lopez Body Measurements Are Real

Jennifer Lopez body is perfect. She has no intention to change it but she keeps the attitude of hard work and exercise. The way she does it, she has no purpose on getting plastic surgery whatsoever, that was she said. She would want her talent to be much more talked about than her love life or failed love life. As the fans keep bravoing her talents, experts keep an eye on the slightest change of her look and body.

Jennifer Lopez Pictures Here are several lists that she could be doing to her body

Her Global Career And International Recognition

For decades, Jenny has been the star. After playing a minor role when she was a kid, she grows to be a beautiful lady and that perfect woman and mother. She also a girl power icon and sex symbol of the Latino. Her life was not easy back then but she refuses to be at that pitiful phase. Instead, she proves everyone around her that she can make it.

Jennifer Lopez Photos Everybody is envy with her body. She is not size 2 but she definitely has that all the right curves in all the right places. Jennifer Lopez height and weight are also the blessing she has. With her awards and news making achievements, she is one of the most powerful celeb awarded by the Forbes. J-Lo is a multitasking woman that makes her so different from the rest. She keeps her fashion updated, her mother instinct sharps and her walk straight ahead. She does not join the crowd for sure.

Jennifer Lopez And Her Dreams She Wants To Achieve

Even when we think she has already achieved what she dreamed of, but she said that her goal is not that simple. As a woman, she wants to inspire. Yes, she has to look at her best because she is constantly living under the spotlight but she wants to be seen as a talented person.

Jennifer Lopez And Her Fortune

Jennifer Lopez Photos A celebrity has to know what to sell in public. Yes, with the glam and glitters, she can really sell her privacy. After delivering her twin, the photograph appeared on the cover of magazine and it was 6 million dollars. That high amount of price is in fact, the highest of all time! Learning from there, people knows her standard. She refuses to be anything ordinary but glam. But we know she deserves it.

With all of the facts and gossips, people are talking about Jennifer Lopez bra size, what she wears, what she drinks, how she dances and more. She gets used to it however. People also compare her with several other divas like Mariah Carey.

What do you think about Jennifer Lopez body and posture? Which celebrities do you think resemble her body?


Jennifer Lopez Measurements.

Jennifer Lopez Body Statistics:

  • Measurements: 34-26-38
  • Bra Size: 34 B
  • Height: 5’5
  • Weight: 121 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Dress size: 6
  • Hair Color: Light brown
  • Eye Color: Light Brown

Do you agree that Jennifer Lopez’s measurements are not natural?