Lil Jon Net Worth

Lil Jon Net Worth

How much is Lil Jon worth:

  • Full Name: Jonathan Smith
  • Net Worth: $28 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper/Record producer/DJ
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African-American


Lil Jon Net Worth – Is The Result Of This Hip-Hop Singer’s Talent And Business Minded Plan

Jonathan Smith better known as Lil jon is the famous American rapper, Disk jockey and record producer was born on January, 1971 in Atlanta. He did his graduation from Atlanta only and went to Frederick Douglass High School for graduation. Next he went to Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia before he started his rapping career. Lil Jon net worth is not only contributed to his rapping and record producing career rather he is multi talented and made the money through his multi roles such as actor, voice actor and entrepreneur.

Lil Jon Net Worth And His Career

Lil Jon Pictures After completing the education he started working as a DJ in the Atlanta night club. Later from 1993-2000 he worked for So So Def Recordings. Lil jon is the stage name of this rapper and he formed the musical group ‘Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz’ with some other rappers and they signed the ‘Mirror Inage Recording’ in Atlanta. Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album is the first production of the group. ‘We still crunk’ is another hit album that he released in 2000 after signing an agreement with Norcross, a Georgia-based Southern Music Distribution. Lil Jon net worth is primarily the result of his effort in the music production. Lil jon & The East Side Boyz has also given many hit singles that were very popular in the young generation.

Later he united with Yang Yang the twins and recorded the single ‘get low’ that was very popular and it rose in the top 10 in Billboard 100. He also recorded ‘What U Gon Do” and “Lovers & Friends’ by uniting with Usher and Ludacris.

Apart from the rapping and acting he is a good entrepreneur also. He has a company that generates Oakley sunglasses and an energy drink called as ‘crunk’. Besides he has a wine company that produces Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Including everything, Lil Jon net worth is really wealthy when it is compared to other hip-hop artist and rapper. Llyod Banks is also a very popular and famous American rapper but his net worth is not that strong like Lil Jon.

This rapper was married with Nichole Smith in 2004 and they have son named Mathan, born in 1998. He is still with his wife Nichole.

It is usual to have many tattoos on the skin of rapper as they are the lovers of hip-hop and tattoo represents the hip-hop well. But this great rapper does not have a single tattoo on this body. So you will not get any image of Lil Jon tattoo anywhere in his full body.

Lil Jon music is so powerful that can clean a car by removing all the snows off car. A video was released few days back that shows how Lil join music help to clean the car. This Lil Jon car cleaning process is very interesting where the snows falls apart with the beats of music. But no children should be inside the car while performing this.

Lil Jon Photos

This rapper was seen with Martha Stewart in ‘Late night with seven Meyers’ in the last year and it was a great experience to watch the interview as many of us were very excited to see the duo together.