Liam Neeson Net Worth

Liam Neeson Net Worth

How much is Liam Neeson worth:

  • Full Name: Liam John Neeson
  • Net Worth: $75 Million
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Irish


Liam Neeson Net Worth – The Amount Made Him One Of The Richest Actors

Liam Neeson, the great Irish actor was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland in the year of 1952. His mother Katherine Kitty Neeson was a cook while his father Bernard Berney Neeson was a caretaker at a primary school in Ballymen. He is the third of his four siblings. The passion of acting was seen in him after performing a drama in his school at 11. This was the beginning and since then he kept on performing in the schools. In 1971, he went to Queen University Belfast, Northern Ireland but eventually left college for working in Guinness Brewery. But still he had the passion of acting and this pulled him back to the acting career in 1978. Now he is an established famous actor and Liam Neeson net worth shows how rich he is today.

Career Of Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson has started his career long back before coming to the acting field. His movie career started at 1978 and he debuted with the movie Pilgrim’s progress. This was a religious movie. In 1978 he was offered a role in Ron Hutchinson’s ‘Says I, Says He’ for which he moved to Dublin. Then he started acting in various productions and also joined the Abbey theatre which is the national theatre in Northern Ireland.

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‘Taken’, Michael Collins, Schindler’s List, Star Wars: Episode 1 and Batman Begins are some of his hit movies where he did excellent. He acted with Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise in Batman Begins. ‘Taken’ is a much hit movie and a big part of the Liamson Neeson net worth came from this movie only. Liam Neeson received a paycheck of $5 million for Taken 1, $15 million for taken 2 and $20 million from Taken 3. So 40million of his total net worth was earned from ‘Taken’ only. He played both the role of action star and dramatic actor.

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Liam Neeson used live in with the actress Helen Mirren before he was married to Natasha Richardson in 1994. The couple has two sons named Micheál Richard Antonio and Daniel Jack. But unfortunately he lost his wife Natasha in 2009 after she suffered severe head injury in a skiing accident at Mont Tremblant Resort. His elder son Michel is 19 now and he already got inked a tattoo on his skin and also he picked a tattoo for his father which is art is of ‘rising above’. Liam Neeson is a very brave man and he can do everything but the only about which he is scared is the tattoo. So Liam Neeson tattoo might be impossible as of now.

This great Irish actor was silent for five years after his wife’s death and he has expressed in an interview that this was one of the worst memory in his life when he lost his sweet wife. But recently he was spotted with a lady; they were going out for dinner after promoting his latest film. All are curious to know that, is the lady Freya St. Johnston Liam Neeson girlfriend?

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Liam Neeson net worth might be less or more than other popular celebrities like Gary Busey and others but he is a great person by heart and still working at full fledge at 63 also. So no doubt his net worth is going to be more in the immediate future.