Martha Stewart Net Worth

Martha Stewart Net Worth

How much is Martha Stewart worth:

  • Full Name: Martha Helen Stewart
  • Net Worth: $638 Million
  • Occupation: Businesswoman, a writer and a television personality.
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: American


Martha Stewart Net Worth – The Modern Icon Of Perseverance And Success

The Slow And Steady Start To Richness

Coming from a middle-class family Martha’s empire sets an example for the ambitious ordinary man and woman to make their dreams come true.

Martha Stewart was born in a middle class Polish family as the second one among the six children on August 3, 1941. But her dreams were way larger than what her family could even imagine. Being a diligent and hard working person since the very beginning, she tried her luck in modelling at 15. She was first featured in a Unilever TV commercial and also managed to pay her tuition fee through scholarships and modelling jobs. She worked for Chanel brand at that time at an amazing $50/hr which counted to be huge money for that time and gave a glimpse of the future Martha Stewart net worth that was about to pop.

Martha Stewart Pictures

In 1976, Stewart started with a catering business with her model friend Norma Collier in the basement which became a huge success. But it soon flopped like an old cracker following a tiff between the two.

The Kick Start Fortune

Martha Stewart was encouraged by Alan Mirken to write her first cookbook ‘Entertaining’ in 1982 when she won to impress him with her catering skills at a book launch party at her husband Andrew Stewart’s publishing company. The book was a big success followed by many more like Martha Stewart’s pies and tarts in 1985, The wedding planner 1988, Martha Stewart Christmas 1989. This was the perfect kick start to Martha Stewart net worth empire. Following this, Martha made several TV appearances like the one at The Oprah Winfrey Show to be appreciated for her talents and achievements. She also developed a magazine with the name Martha Stewart Living having a peaked circulation of the same by 2002.

Martha came out to be ‘The queen of all trades’ and starred in several prime time holiday specials on CBS network. She was honoured as ‘The Definitive American Woman Of Our Time’ on the cover of New York Magazine in May 1995. In 1997 she invested in Martha Stewart Living Omni media ventures like TV, print and merchandising. She worked as a CEO, president and chairperson there with initial public offering of its shares at $18 per share in The New York Stock Exchange in 1999.

The First Self-Made Female Billionaire In U.S

Her share rallied up to $38 per share by the end of trading adding up to Martha Stewart net worth of 1 billion making her the first American female to be a billionaire on her own. But as nothing lasts forever, the shares came down to $16 in 2002. She also had a big loss with Imclone Systems in 2001. Further, she was charged around $30,000 as felony charges of conspiracy and false statements. Such ups and downs of the roller coaster ride can beat all astonishing success stories of Billy Joel and Danny Trejo of similar age and endeavours. After going through an incarceration of 5 months in Federal corrective complex and two-year period of supervised release, she started again with Martha Stewart Living in 2005. Today Martha Stewart net worth is around $638 million again.

This brave-heart perfectionist now lives in a posh 35,000 sq ft. residence on Mount Desert Island in Seal Harbor, Maine, named as Skylands with daughter Alexis Stewart, still working with many renowned associations like FLOR inc and PeTA.