Jonathan Manziel Net Worth

Johnny Manziel Net Worth

How much is Jonathan Manziel worth:

  • Full Name: Jonathan Paul Manziel
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Occupation: Football player
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: American

Jonathan Manziel Net Worth – How Much This Rookie Has Made?

Jonathan Paul Manziel, better known as Johnny Football is the famous American Football quarterback in National Football League (NFL). Born in Tyler, Texas in 1992 he is the son of Michelle and Paul Manziel. He was a sportsperson since childhood and loved playing all types of games such as football, baseball, golf and basketball. But he especially focused on baseball and football when he was in Tivy high school, Texas. Finally he opt Football as this was the game in which he achieved the folk hero status and was compared to many popular quarterback such as Michael Vick , Brett Favre and Drew Brees. This is the starting of his career and he did not have to look back since then. Jonathan Manziel net worth clearly proves the fact.

Career Of Jonathan Manziel

Jonathan Manziel Pictures Jonathan was good at every sports but he specially did excel in football for which he was promoted to varsity team. This American football player also got a chance in the quarterback in NFL. Playing for NFL is the dream of all footballers and this is the reason why Chad Johnson is still hoping to make a comeback in NFL. Jonathan’s excellent performance made him the All-San Antonio Area Offensive Player of the Year. Also Jonathan Manziel was honored by various athletic respects by the end of his senior year. He kept on showing the great performance for what he was again named as No.1 Quarterback in Texas. Many schools showed interest to recruit him but he joined Texas A & M. There he played very well in the first season and his success helped him to be the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. Not only this, he was also the first freshman to win one more reward, Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award.

In the rookie year he managed to throw total 175 passing yards with one rushing touchdown and zero passing touchdown. In that year itself he earned total of $7 million so you can imagine why the Jonathan Manziel net worth is so wealthy at this age.

Jonathan Manziel Photos This great footballer went to the rehab centre for a treatment and during that time a photo was posted in Instagram that showed that Jonathan Manziel girlfriend Colleen Crowley was enjoying with her friend at the birthday party for which she has been criticized by the critics. Colleen Crowley is on fire for that. But both were spot together after Jonathan was out of rehab and he also stated that he is now a changed person, so ready to take all responsibility. The time when this footballer went to rehab center, many great American footballer has been seen to tweet in the twitter about this and John Madden, the former American footballer in the NFL was one of them.

Johnny Football wanted to be the Longhorn and he also got a tattoo of longhorn that he was not ashamed to show off. But when he was asked about tattoo, he got angry and disagree the fact that he has got this tattoo. So Jonathan Manziel tattoo is really doubtful and no one is confirmed about it.

He is just 22 now so can anyone imagine that what will be the Jonathan Manziel net worth in next few years.