Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery Before And After

Julia Roberts Plastic Surgery – What Really Happened To Julia Roberts’ Face?

The world is slowly accepting the fact that plastic surgery is here to stay. Maybe this is the primary reason why more and more Hollywood celebrities have opted for cosmetic surgery. Therefore, Julia Roberts plastic surgery news should not come as a surprise.

It cannot be denied that Julia is really a beautiful woman. Even so, critics think that her recent stunning appearance may be as a result of cosmetic procedure. Julia neither admits nor denies the claims. Close observers believe that the actress must have received help from plastic surgeons.

Julia Roberts Pictures

Looking at the woman who is in her late 40s, she looks as pretty as a 20 year old girl. This is one of the reasons that led to speculation that she went under the knife to enhance her face. But did she really have plastic surgery? Chances are she had it. The actress is accused of benefitting from Botox, liposuction, facelift, eyelift and many more.


Julia Roberts Photos Julia is one of the most beautiful Hollywood celebrities. She has a youthful face and a great body, thanks to plastic surgery. It is pretty obvious her face looks toned and tight without any wrinkles or aging signs. Her forehead is very smooth and has no creases whatsoever. This may be as a result of Botox procedure.

Julia is almost 50 years old, so naturally her skin is aging and people expect see some fine lines and wrinkles on her face. Unfortunately, in her photos, the few signs of aging that had started forming on her face vanished overnight. Critics strongly believe that the talented actress had had a number of invasive procedures administered on her. Many celebs like John Rzeznik and Eminem have used Botox too. Celebrities have used it to get rid of unwanted wrinkles and lines on their skin. Apparently, Julia had her face altered as an attempt to change her facial appearance.

What Experts Say

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a Beverly Hill Plastic Surgeon, strongly believe that Julia Roberts plastic surgery rumors are true. He really appreciates the person who worked on her face because he did a really nice job. He said that Julia’s face looks so smooth and soft. Without doubt, he believes the softness and smoothness of the actress’ face came from Botox procedure.

Unconfirmed Rumors

Julia Roberts Photos Julia did not confirm these claims and said she wishes to grow old gracefully. Though she is denying everything, the evidence is clear from her photos. She is in her late forties. People do not expect her to get prettier with age. A great deal of public figures goes through the knife every day. Sadly, it is almost impossible to get them admit to having cosmetic procedures administered to them. They will blame the sudden change of their appearance to diet and lifestyle. Julia Roberts is no exception. The celebrated actress has denied everything. However, from her pictures, it is pretty evident that her face has gone through a good deal of transformation. No doubt, she got this pretty look by the help of some highly experienced surgeons who knew what they were doing.

Final Thoughts

Julia Roberts plastic surgery is clear even though she is a bit reluctant to admit to it. Looking at her old and recent photos you can clearly see the difference. The surgery left her looking completely different creature, but her cosmetic procedure was not a worst case. It made her look prettier and more beautiful than she looked in the past. So, we commend her surgeon for the nice job he did.