Kevin James Net Worth

Kevin James Net Worth

How much is Kevin James worth:

  • Full Name: Kevin George Knipfing
  • Net Worth: $80 Million
  • Occupation: Actor/Comedian
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Kevin James Net Worth – Is He One Of The Richest Comedians In The World?

Kevin James was born in NYC. His father had an insurance agency and his mother was a housewife. Kevin grew up with two siblings, one brother and one sister. His brother is also a comedian and his sister helped him in organizing charity events. Kevin James net worth $80 million was made because of his ability to make people laugh. Kevin always says that it was people that made him a star and that is why he is involved with many charitable work ever since he became a star.

Career Of Kevin James

Kevin James Pictures Kevin James started his career with standup comedy. He started making appearances in various late night talk shows like Tonight show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Conan O Brien and many more. His guy next door look helped him a lot in getting popular.

He then got a big solo gig, a very popular show called candid camera, where he had to improvise a lot to make people laugh. When he was doing shows like that he met another comedian Ray Romano. Ray helped Kevin in getting a guest role on his popular show Everybody Loves Raymond.

After doing these kinds of small roles he finally got the lead part on TV, he was cast as a driver who was fat but married to a very sexy lady. The happy couple’s life was disturbed by his father in law. The show was titled The King of Queens. Leah Remini played the role of the beautiful wife Carrie and Kevin played her husband Doug. Jerry Stiller played the part of father in law. It was one of the most high profile shows of TV that time. Kevin was one of the highest paid TV stars which definitely contributed a lot in Kevin James net worth of $80 million.

Movies Of Kevin James

Kevin James Photos Kevin James is one of the rare actors who found success in both TV and movies. He made some great movies with Adam Sandler; one of them was 50 first dates where Kevin got to work with the beautiful Drew Barrymore. His friendship with Adam Sandler was regarded as one of the best Hollywood friendships ever. But his biggest break as a movie star came when he was signed on to play a parallel role alongside Will Smith in the hit movie Hitch. That movie went on to become a big hit and Kevin became one of the most bankable supporting actors in Hollywood. He is a fixture in almost all Adam Sandler movies. Kevin also worked with brother in a web based series.

Kevin is a happily married man in real life, he has two daughters. He admitted in talk shows that ever since his kids were born his lifestyle became much less wilder.

Kevin was nominated for Emmy for his role in the king of the Queens.

Kevin James net worth of $80 million proves that one can be a star even though they do not get to play the leading man’s role. Kevin James does not look like usual Hollywood movie star, but his talent made him a super star. These days Kevin James tours all over the world doing his standup comedy tours and he still constantly appears in Adam Sandler movies.

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