Keith Urban Net Worth

Keith Urban Net Worth

How much is Keith Urban worth:

  • Full Name: Keith Lionel Urban
  • Net Worth: $75 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Keith Urban Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Keith Urban was born in New Zealand. But when he was 17 his family moved to Australia where his father arranged Guitar teacher for him. Keith Urban loved taking Guitar lessons and became very good in a short period of time. Music became a big part of his life. It is his music that made Keith Urban net worth of $75 million.

Career, Struggle And Fame

Keith Urban Pictures Keith Urban moved to USA to start his singing career. He had a great voice so record producers gave him a chance. Keith Urban stated his career way back in 1992, his albums and songs were getting popular. But Keith struggled to get a number one song. None of the song from his self titled debut album topped the chart. So he was there but he was not very popular among the general music listeners of USA.

He took some time then to release his next album “Golden Road”, he also co produced half of his songs in that album. One of the songs somebody like you gave him his first number one song. It was number one for six weeks. Keith Urban with his good looks and voice finally found the fame he deserved. That album was the start he wanted, he never had to look back. He became a mainstream celebrity in USA. He was a special talent for sure. Keith Urban net worth is more than $75 million today and that too without any God Father in the music industry.

Keith Urban collaborated with many other A-list music stars like Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. He also covered Bruce Springsteen’s I am on Fire which gave him lot of critical acclaim.

Other Work

Keith Urban judged many US television reality shows. He was selected as a mentor in Voice for the first season but for some reason he left the show only doing one season. His longest stint as a reality show judge is for American Idol, which he is still doing. American Idol is the most famous reality show in the world. It made Keith even more famous, especially with teen audiences.

Keith Urban Photos

Keith Urban is also known for his good looks and stylish avatar. Keith Urban tattoos are equally as famous as his songs. He was once spotted wearing a Speedo and flaunting all his body ink at the beach.

Keith Urban personal life is also equally colorful. He used to date supermodel Nikki Taylor. But he broke up with her when he met Nicole Kidman. Nicole was single for long time after her marriage with Tom Cruise was over. But things turned romantic between Keith and Nicole very quickly. They got married only after one year of dating.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are one of the happiest couples in Hollywood today. They have two beautiful daughters. The couple lives both in Australia and USA. Keith Urban struggled a lot, he went to rehab, got in fights with Paparazzi but he was able to beat all his demons. Keith Urban net worth is $75 million and that number shows that it’s possible to make your dream come true. He is inspiration for many Australians who want to come to USA and make it big.

Trivia: Keith Urban admitted to Conan O Brien once that he was a reality contestant himself.