Michael Vick Net Worth

Michael Vick Net Worth

How much Michael Vick is worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Dwayne Vick
  • Net Worth: $15 Million
  • Occupation: Professional Football Player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Black


Michael Vick Net Worth – How Wealthy Is He?

Michael Vick is an American football player. He plays for the National Football League. It has been said that Michael Vick net worth is $15 million. In addition to this, it has been stated that his annual income reaches an estimate of $16.5 million.

Michael Vick Early Life

Michael Vick was born on June 26th 1980. He was born in Newport News, Virginia. Similar to many port cities, Michael’s city has faced a good deal of challenges.  When Michael was born in 1980, the city was well-known for housing drug dealers and criminals. This was a serious problem that turned many young men into robbers and criminals.

Michael’s mother was just 16 when she became pregnant with Vick. His father was just 17 when he impregnated her mother. They got another girl child but they did not marry for five years. Between the five years, two more kids had arrived Courtney and Marcus.

His father Michael Boddie was rarely at home during his kids’ early years. He spent three years in the army before he got a stable job. At last he got a reliable job in the Newport News Shipyards as a spray painter and sandblaster. He worked from morning until evening.

For this reason, his mother Brenda took the responsibility of raising Michael and his siblings. She became the one to watch over them. As a matter of fact, all her kids decided to use her last name. Brenda spent every dollar she earned on the kids.

Despite the challenges that his family faced, Michael was a humble, disciplined, focused and hardworking child. It cannot be denied that he was greatly possessed with football and it became his passion.

Aside from football, Michael also showed great promise in basketball and baseball. He played these games when he was in grade school. After he joined junior high, adolescent affected him so much and he became a disciplinary issue for his parents and teachers. His mother forced him to participate in any after school activity. Michael opted for football. He focused on football and gave up all other games, including basketball and baseball.

Michael’s Controversies

Michael Vick Photos Like most celebrities such, Michael is not controversy free. His reputation was seriously damaged after he got involved in illegal dog fighting. As a result, Michael spent two years in jail. After he was released Michael went to play in the National Football League. That was in 2009.  He officially joined the Philadelphia Eagles team in 2009. He signed a contract deal worth $100 000 000. His playing for the team also boosted Michael Vick net worth substantially. Also, according to the contract, Michael Vick was supposed to get an annual salary of $16.5 million and $400 million in cash. Michael Vick therefore joined the camp of the likes of Derek Jeter and Shaquille O’Neal, who are the only sportsmen who have signed a deal worth more than $100 million. Unfortunately, Michael Vick’s contract was revised after the athlete got himself into some legal problems.

However, after battling with the law for many months, Michael was finally able to restore his reputation. He got his image back thanks to his unmatched talent and determination. This also increased the amount of Michael Vick net worth.

In 2012, it was confirmed that the footballer spent nearly $30 million of his income to pay lawyers, creditors, taxes, and creditors. This was quite a lot of money; it was about 95% of his total income. Other sports personalities like Roy Mcllroy and Roger Federer are far wealthier than Michael Vick.