Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery before and after

Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgery – That Completely Ruined Her Natural Look

Heidi Montag is a singer, author, fashion designer and television personality from the United States. She was a member of the cast in the MTV reality television show called The Hills.

At the time of the show, she started to date another cast member Spencer Pratt, and they have been married since 2009. Her fist musical album album was not a success, and she was not able to earn back the whole amount of money that she spent on making the album. Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery addiction is a huge issue, and she was at the center of attention a few years ago when she had almost ten plastic procedures in a single day !

Heidi Montag Pictures Heidi Montag’s Plastic Procedures

Heidi Montag is known to be a huge fan of plastic procedures. She has stated several times, that she is just at the beginning, and that plastic procedures can offer much more. For most people, her addiction is simply ridiculous. When you take a look at Heidi Montag’s plastic surgery before and after pictures, you will probably be completely shocked. From a natural and beautiful young girl, she turned into a plastic young woman that is practically unrecognizable now. Her entire body, and especially her face are much different, and who knows what she will do in the future. The list of procedures preformed on Heidi’s body is very long and those procedures are:

  • Buttock augmentation
  • Breast augmentation
  • Brow lift
  • Ears pinned back
  • Nose job
  • Botox injections
  • Reduction of the chin
  • Injections in lips
  • Injections in cheeks

Before any of these surgeries, Heidi was a simple, natural and very beautiful young girl. As every other girl, she probably was not satisfied with some parts of her body, for example her boobs were too small, but on the other hand, she is overly obsessed with plastic surgeries. If you take a look at Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery, you will probably be asking why this young girl decided to completely change her look – she was gorgeous before having anything done. Only Heidi can give The answer to that particular question.

Timeline Of Heidi Montag Plastic Surgeries

You already saw a huge list of plastic procedures that this young girl has done. If you consider the fact that she is only 27 years old, you can not help but wonder why she decided to perform so many procedures. She stated that she is a huge lover of plastic surgeries, and that she will be able to try some new things out in the future.

During 2007, Heidi did her first plastic procedures: Rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. After those procedures, her look really was improved, and she was beautiful and natural. Later, during 2009, she decided to perform a few more procedures such as a nose job, chin reduction, she once again did breast augmentation, she got some botox injections, brow lift, ears pinned back, and then she also had cheek injections and lip injections.

Heidi Montag’s look before and after plastic surgery is shockingly different.

Heidi Montag Photos

She has been at the center of attention for several years, and the main reason for that is her plastic procedure addiction. Her face is much different now, because of all those procedures, especially botox injections, which for sure were not necessary because she still is a very young girl with no wrinkles on her face. Her nose is also much different now. Breast augmentation was the most obvious, because before plastic procedures, her natural breasts were really small. Two years ago, she decided to undergo one more plastic surgery, and this time to make her breasts smaller, because she realized that her boobs were too big. She stated that she feels much better now.

Heidi Montag’s regrets

Heidi Montag MeasurementsIn some of the latest interviews, Heidi has said that she did make several mistakes when it comes to her plastic surgery addiction. She stated that she was very young and also very unstable, and she did not think about what she was actually doing. Heidi realized that her huge breast implants were a mistake, because she was not able to do some simple things around her house, and that is why she decided to change this, and did breast reduction. For now, Heidi is not considering any new plastic surgeries, she just enjoys her every day life with her husband and their dogs.

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    Heidi Montag looked natural and beauitful before. Her nose and cheeks doesn’t look natural. I think she didn’t need to have surgery. Her look hasn’t been improved by the surgery instead the plastic surgeries ruined her natural beauty.

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