Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before And After

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery – Turned Her More Young!

Adrienne Maloof is a renowned television personality, philanthropist and a business woman. She was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is 52 years old. She belonged to a well off family. She used to start her career from her family business. She started doing marketing and promotions for the products of her own family business. Thanks to the reality show “the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” in which she performed as a cast member due to which she became popular and people started recognizing her in the whole country as well as in different parts of the world. During 2013 she announced to quit the reality show.

Adrienne Maloof Pictures In 2011 she announced a little shoe collection of Charles Jordan. She got married with a plastic surgeon, Paul Nassif, in 2002; whose specialty was facial plastic surgery and procedure of nose job. They have three sons out of this wedlock. The marriage could not go well and they were divorced. Later on the rumors regarding Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery started spreading all around. But the truth was still in veil. No matter how much truth is to be kept secret, reflexes of Adrienne Maloof are revealing everything. There is another strong point in favor of her interventions that her own husband was a plastic surgeon then how it is possible that she had not taken his services to beautify her. Anyhow her fresh looks are speaking more loudly than any other evidence.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Adrienne Maloof Had?

Adrienne Maloof Photos As a celebrity it is not surprising that Adrienne has gone under the knife; moreover it is also not a secret that why such stars decide to undergo certain surgical procedures. They usually make their skins tight and wrinkle free with some changes in eye brows, nose and breast just look fresh and young than their real age. Most of the time the celebrities who decide to alter their looks become successful in their procedures of surgeries and get the perfect results of the required procedure. But sometimes they get the opposite results. The results of the surgical procedures usually depend on the selected procedure, the wish and of course the capacity of surgeon who undertake the surgery. Her ex-husband told that Adrienne has gone under the knife several times Botox injections and facial fillers. It is true that we do not have much material regarding videos and photos of Adrienne Maloof plastic surgery before and after, hardly few can be found when she was very young and in those photos there are no signs of elderly age. The possible surgical interventions she may have are:

For being successful in the career especially when career go around television or entertainment industry, one have to be sure about his/her looks. Looking beautiful is known as the primary principle of show biz world. Therefore the celebs related to this industry often go for surgical interventions in order to look beautiful as well as younger than their age. If photos of Adrienne Maloof before plastic surgery are taken into notice though they are quite old and in black and white one thing is very obvious from these photos and that is her shape of nose. In her older pictures she had a rather big nose. But today she has a very nice, slim and thin nose that sets perfectly on her face. Another clear evidence that we notice from her appearance is her wrinkle free, tight and smooth skin. No one can guess about her age as she has a very fresh and wrinkle free skin. Diane Kruger is another celeb with successful and amazing plastic surgery.

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Adrienne Maloof Body Statistics:

Adrienne Maloof MeasurementsAdrienne has been a favorite star of often people. Her fans are always curious about her body measurements; so here are basic body measurements of Adrienne Maloof

  • Measurements: 34 – 26 – 32 inches
  • Bra Size: 34
  • Height: 5 ft 1 in
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Hair Color: dyed blonde
  • Eye Color: light brown