Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Before And After

Emily Proctor’s Plastic Surgeries – Cosmetic Interventions That Went Wrong

What Plastic Surgeries Did Emily Procter have?

Emily Procter is a pretty woman and we don’t really know why she chose to alter her appearance with plastic surgeries. She looked very attractive and sexy in her role as a smart forensic scientist in the popular TV show CSI: Miami. Her appearance in the first few seasons was very attractive and very natural, and the audience just loved her. She was one of the “hot babes” in the show, and most of the guys imagined her hot bod under the professional suits she wore in the show. However, in the last few seasons, her appearance has drastically changed.

Emily Procter Pictures It all began with her pregnancy, and the additional weight she gained in the pregnancy. We could follow her physical transformation through the pregnancy, but this is a normal process, and we simply expected her to lose the extra weight after she returned to work post-delivery.

But, when she returned to the show, we noticed lot of different changes in her appearance. Not only did she look artificially perfect in regards to her body, which indicated liposuction, but she also looked quite different facially. It is evident that Emily Procter had several cosmetic interventions on her face, including botox injections, cheek fillers and lip fillers.

Emily Procter Photos

What Was The Success Of Emily Procter’s Plastic Surgeries?

When we look at Emily Procter’s plastic surgery before and after photos, we are sorry to say that she would have done better without all of these interventions. She doesn’t have wrinkles, but she obviously didn’t have that many even before she chose to get botox injections on her forehead and around her lips: she is in her 40s, and she could have stuck to chemical peeling so far, without the need to go for aggressive interventions such as botox. This is just another proof of how badly botox has gone wrong in Emily Procter’s case. Her face is wrinkle free, but looks unnaturally shiny and smooth, just like a mask. This is definitely not the effect you want to achieve with cosmetic intervention.

Additionally, besides getting botox injections, she has had lip fillers, to make her lips more plump and fuller. Lip augmentation also didn’t go that well, because her lips appear artificially stretched, like there has been too much filler injected in them. Her lips simply don’t appear natural.

Emily Procter Photos When speaking about Emily’s sexy and attractive body, as we have already mentioned, she gained lots of additional weight during pregnancy. Later on, after she delivered and returned to work, her body shape had generally returned to previous size, but there are rumors that she wasn’t able to lose all the extra weight through exercise, so she simply chose an easier solution: liposuction. Along with liposuction, she did another plastic surgery to make her look as sexy as before: a boob job. Emily Procter Emily Procter didn’t admit to either of these interventions, but when it comes to the liposuction and a boob job, these are the ones we can say were done nicely. She didn’t increase her boobs as much as give them their previous perky shape and position. Her body looks as attractive as before, and this definitely improves the negative downsides to other cosmetic interventions that have been done on her face (with a not so positive effect).

What is your opinion on Emily Procter’s plastic surgeries? Did she have all of these and what was their result?

Emily Procter’s unsatisfactory facial plastic surgeries remind us of Meg Ryan’s botox injections and lip fillers. She would have done much better without them just as Meg Ryan, don’t you agree?

Emily Procter Measurements

Emily Procter Body Statistics:

* Body Measurements: 38-24-36

* Bra Size: 36C

* Height: 5’3″

* Weight: 127 lbs

* Shoe Size: 7

* Dress Size: 8

* Hair Color: blonde

* Eye Color: blue




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  1. Becca Behrs

    I don’t think she had surgery. Her face looks younger and natural. Maybe she had botox but it didn’t ruin her look. She has a natural beauty.

  2. Camalengo Diavoli

    Bullshit and using a picture that isn’t showing her actual look at all, but was only intended to make her look as worse as possible, is showing perfectly what you had in mind.

  3. Karoline Seymour

    I was shocked to see her whiny face and fat cheeks and her phony lips and jaw.Absolutely awful. I could not believe as to what I saw. Poor thing. I watched her in the final Miami CSI episodes and at first thought it was because of her pregnancy or the droopy,phony lips thing she always did during the filming..she drove me nuts before but now her fat cheeks and her screechy voice and fat lips just make me want to scratch a wall..why alter something natural to something so awful is beyond my comprehension..Yayks..:( I feel horrible for her..

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