Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before And After

Bruce Jenner’s Plastic Surgery – Did Bruce’s Surgery Go Wrong?

From a talented Olympic gold medal winner to a successful TV star, this is how Bruce has had a successful life. He got everything in life that he wanted except one thing, the horrible plastic surgeries that have gone wrong.

Starting from his nose job in the 1980s, he had had tons of surgeries from nose to facelift to jaw line to many other facial jobs. But none of them worked out well.

Bruce Jenner Pictures Detail Of Bruce Jenner’s Surgeries

It all started in the 1980s when Bruce Jenner had just entered the TV world. He had a great but simple look of the boy next-door. But still he was not happy with his appearance and he went under the knife to get a nose job done. Apart from this, he has had a partial face-lift. This didn’t go well so in 2009, once again he tried to change his appearance and correct the mistakes which occurred during his previous surgeries. This time again, he had a face-lift along with a nose job to correct his face, that was messed up in the previous surgery. But, it was a mistake. Instead of correction, his face was more disfigured. His looks have gone from bad to worse.

Before And After The Surgery Difference

Bruce Jenner Photos

When comparing his before and after surgery looks, a huge difference appears. His jaw line which was loose enough appears to be tighter, which is the result of the botched up surgery. The nose is more pointed whereas it was a little rounder in shape before the surgery. His skin has gradually gone on to become much more wrinkled than is expected after plastic surgery. The cool neck line and Adam’s apple have got wrinkles all over them and the stretch in his skin is clearly visible whenever he moves his head upwards or downwards. His chin area is a bit rough now whereas it used to be plain and round before he underwent surgery.

Bruce Jenner Photos Bruce Jenner Lost His Flamboyant Look After Surgery

The Keep up with Kardashian star is much more known for his tons of surgeries rather than his TV performances. The looks that he had during the 1972 & 1976 summer Olympics are long gone. These disappeared after his decision of face-lift by plastic surgery. The charms that he had in his looks as a professional TV star are now missing. Rather than old age, it is the surgeries that have taken a toll on his looks. At around 65 years of age, the wrinkles are clearly visible which is not the result of old age, but, it is the result of continuous surgeries that he has undergone. Ask any celebrity personality about his looks and all will tell that he was more charming in the late 70s than today.

Bruce Jenner MeasurementsWhat Experts Say About His Plastic Surgery?

The most experienced surgeons of today have suggested that firstly, he should not have undergone surgeries. Rather than taking up surgery as the way of changing his looks, there were other means which could have helped. When taking up surgery, he did not consult experts and decided to go on his own. Even, after his surgery went bad, he decided to improve it once again by surgery. This was a poor decision as he should have concentrated on single part surgery. Instead of getting a whole face-lift, jaw line work, nose job and skin tightening at the same time, he should have done these one after the other, which could have given enough time for all his parts to adjust to the environment and climate. Moreover, many experts believe this will result in damaging his looks just like for Michael Jackson in the past. But still, he is not giving it up. Psychologists believe that it can have a negative impact on his psychological behavior. When facing society, he could think himself to be inferior, resulting in a lack of confidence and a big jolt to his mental, psychological and social behavior.

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  1. Cami Bailey

    I think Bruce Jenner’s plastic surgeries are fail. His plastic surgeries made her look worst. He had a natural and better look. now He has a fake face. He should’t have gone under the surgeries. it is like he is not Bruce Jenner now. Her nose looks completely different. all his plastics surgeries went wrong.

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