Fergie Plastic Surgery

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before And After

Fergie Plastic Surgery – Gets Her Really Good Body

Who doesn’t know Fergie? The girl from Black Eyed Peas was found by Will.i.am as Stacy Ann Ferguson back in 2003. As a vocalist, Fergie needs to have a healthy body so she can sing in fit condition. Her aura shows a really hot woman stepping put her feminine side as she embarks as a tough woman. ‘Big Girl don’t cry’ singer has released multiplatinum album back in 2006 entitled the Duchess and since then, she rose herself to stardom along with her vocal hip hop group.

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before And After

Fergie Pictures Apparently, Fergie is one of the hot celebs that obtain her beauty from the knives. Many celebrity plastic surgery before and after pictures show significant changes and on her case, it’s on her face. Hollywood stars tend to enjoy having plastic surgery and some of them such as Melanie Griffith, gets addicted to the cosmetic procedures that her husband has to stop her doing that. In Fergie’s case, she has it successfully.

It only takes a closer look to find out if she is having plastic surgery. If you look at her cheekbone, you will see that they get higher and tighter. Unlike her younger photos where her cheek look puffy. Her forehead also shows shiny outlook that would be an indication of facelift. The American singer was once rumoured to have nose job to narrow the bridge. Other than that, like any other celebs, Fergie did boob job to enlarge the size. If you notice her lips, there is slightly different texture and shape and it could possibly because of fillers and botox. For the past decade, Fergie has gone through changes on her look.

Fergie said firmly that she did not have any botox or cosmetic surgery. Her skin was damaged due to sun tanned. She admitted that she considered nip and tuck but that was not going to happen. She likes sun tanned skin so she did that on purpose but she never thought that it would damage her skin so did some treatment for skin care but only to rejuvenate her look. Fergie also thought that the press was being ridiculous to think that she is having plastic surgery when all she does is dieting and exercising.

Could it be true?  You decide!

Fergie Nose Job

Fergie Photos In 2004, Fergie appeared to be different. She has some changes on her look especially when you notice her nose. It has thinner shape with refined tip. When you take a look on her picture when she was younger, you will see that her nose is rounded up.

During a rhinoplasty, a patient generally did osteotomy, too. That’s probably what she has done to her face because it is slimmer and her thick bridge is now gone. Her perfectly rounded breasts can also be the sign of how she had something implanted because it is definitely not because of Photoshop or a projection whatsoever. Her cheek also looks fuller and it indicates that she has cheek implants. The jaw line is refined after the plastic surgery so the surgeon must have done something with knife on that particular part. Fergie’s lips are fuller like Angelina Jolie’s and it is definitely from the injection. What do you think?

Fergie Body Measurement

Fergie Photos As for her body, Fergie is a pretty dedicated person. Her fresh look and fit body get her muscle toned in the gym. Her firm shape shows that she is addicted to working out which is a great inspiration to all women out there who want to get in shape like Fergie. Her body seems to have zero fat with her constant exercise. It’s not just cardio but it’s more like heavy lifting plus diet plan that limits her carb intake.

Fergie MeasurementsFergie Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 34 B
  • Height: 5’2” (158 cm)
  • Weight: 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress Size: 4
  • Hair Color: blonde
  • Eye Color: brown