Park Bom Plastic Surgery

Park Bom Plastic Surgery – Has The KPop Singer Gone Bad?

Korean star’s new chin has speculated rumors among her fans. 2NE1’s Park Bom shows a slightly different than all natural. The cosmetic surgery is an industry that never runs out of patients in Korea. People from early teen age go to surgeons to receive their gifts of artificial beauty. Adding eyelid and making narrow nose bridge are common things in Korea. In case of stars, the idol opens up about the work because they need celebrity face. It is no longer a taboo to have skin enhancement.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before And After

It is about having new feeling and confident at the same time but also entertaining the fans with their beauty. Many South Korean artists get themselves plastic surgery and their fans don’t mind about it. It has become an addiction that when they grow up they need to have it somehow. Like other celebrities like Boa and Yeon Eun Hye, Park Bom did plastic surgery in 2009. The difference is strikingly recognizable.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before And After

Park Bom Pictures Her nose job, however, shows unsymmetrical shape. It is a scandalous when the picture of her before and after shows significant difference on the nose and chin and eyes. She has bigger eyes now and her nose is a little pointier. The double eyelids are the significant evidence of her plastic surgery. You will notice that her debut pictures are totally different from today’s pictures. When the camera is closed up to her face, there is a different nose shape from months ago compared to today. 2NE1 was worried that people began to question about her face rather than the talent. But given the fact that the group manages to be on top of Korean as well as international charts, the worries fade. If you take a look closer, Park Bom has a lot of difference in term of breast size. It is a clear evidence that she has done breast implant to make her size bigger a few numbers. Now, she is looking like a living doll especially when after she knows how to make huge money – she knows how to spend it. Plastic surgery becomes a complement of her hard work because her entire face says so. You can hardly recognize her face when y ou compare to her high school picture. If she continues to do so, there is a possibility that she makes awful lot out of her face. Her fans bully her for having the face like a living zombie because those cosmetic procedures are not giving her natural look at all. Do you think she will ever give up?

Park Bom Does Not Deny It

Park Bom Photos Park Bom looks puffy yet stiff sometimes on several occasions. She indeed, does not deny the fact that netizens are aware of her change. Her surgical treatment, according to Park Bom herself, was done because of the lymph node disease. She had to do the surgery to keep her healthy. She also encouraged others to do some research before making false statements about her. But whatever the reason is, there’s got to be beauty purpose when she did that to almost every part of her face. Do you think it is purely done for medical purpose? Park Boom may become addicted to surgery that’s why she suffers from the palsy.

Park Bom Photos Apart from that, 2NE1 still receives their stardom with all of Park Bom’s controversial facelift. Some of her fans pleaded her not to do surgery again because she seems to go overboard. There are times when Bom can’t open her mouth and talk clearly because of the surgical treatment, and her fans care so much for her health. Did she listen? You never know!

Park Bom Measurements

Park Bom Body Statistics:

  • Bra Size: 32 A
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in or 165 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg or 106 pounds
  • Shoe Size: 7
  • Dress Size: 2
  • Hair Color: multi colored
  • Eye Color: brown



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