Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery Before And After

Farrah Abraham’s Plastic Surgery – Damaged Her Looks, Image And Confidence

The motive behind surgery was to regain her lost image but it is clear this has damaged her image rather than building a new one. From being pregnant at sixteen to having her boobs implanted, she has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. Firstly, it was the nose, the boobs and chin and it is still not known what will come up next?

The surgery she has undergone :

Farrah Abraham Pictures Detail Of Surgeries

It all started with her nose. While working in the TV series, 16 and pregnant, she decided to have her nose lifted to look more pointed in order to give her face a pretty look. Next, she had her boobs implanted to give her boobs a cup size of C. Once again moving to her face, it was the chin that was treated next. A new chin implant was tried but it made her look worse than before and she had her chin implant removed after a short time. Not yet satisfied with her boobs, she once again got the plastic surgeon to work on her boobs and further increased her boob size from a C to a D size. Next in line were her lips. A total of six surgeries and still counting.

Before And After The Surgery Difference

Farrah Abraham Photos Comparing the looks, the worst thing her plastic surgeon did was the boob job that appears to be a real waste of money. Before the surgery she had small and round boobs which nowadays look like they’re hanging out from her body without any shape. The round shape in her boobs has disappeared leaving them shapeless. Surely she has increased her size but she has made her breasts look shapeless. Her chin which was a real beautiful one before her first chin implant appeared to be swollen up. Add to this, she again had her chin implant removed to have her previous look back but it did not help. The old and beautiful chin is long gone. So are her tender lips which have widened ever since she tried lip surgery.

Farrah Abraham Lost Control Over Her Body

Farrah Abraham Photos

Many believe it is an obsession with Farrah Abraham to get her body under the knife again and again. She is never satisfied with her looks. Every time she looks in the mirror she probably plans on doing some implant or surgery. Getting her chin implanted and then removed clearly shows that she has lost it. Firstly she was confident and happy the way her chin looked after the implant but suddenly and surprisingly, she had it removed saying that she did not like the way her chin was swollen up. Her boobs may not have been the perfect ones but still they were a lot more attractive than the present ones after the implants. And rightly so, after the first implants, she was still not confident enough and decided to do some more work on boobs. This shows clearly she is not confident enough about her body and looks.

Farrah Abraham MeasurementsOther Personalities’ Comments And Reviews

Most TV personalities find Farrah Abraham a lot more unattractive than she had been before the implants. Some feel it was the need of the hour to get her boobs implanted as she decided to become a porn star. But most people do not agree and give examples of many porn stars that are doing the job without even having half her boob size. Many feel it was a result of a lack of confidence in facing society after becoming pregnant at a young age and in order to regain her confidence she decided to get her parts improved by applying plastic surgery as the solution. Nevertheless, whatever may be the reason behind her deciding to get plastic surgery done, it is clear that she will not stop at this point, as many feel that she is still planning on getting some cosmetic surgeries done on her face to change her looks once again.

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  1. Brandy Grant

    I think Farrah Abraham doesn’t need to have surgery. She looks better before. Her lips looks wider and fake now. Her boob job wasn’t necessary. I can’t see any changes on her boobs. She should stop having surgeries. if she continues she will ruin her natural beauty.

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