Halle Berry Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before And After

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – For Outstanding Breast And Nose

Halle Berry is an actress popularly known for her roles in box office movies. Quite a lot of reason could result to getting a surgery and one of the reason is to enable her body fit into that tight latex suit worn by her in the X Men movie.  Though, she worked on herself bunt she still undergone plastic surgery to enable her get a better shape. Nevertheless, she denies the fact that she has allowed surgical knife on her body but her before and after photos proves her wrong.

Halle Berry Before And After Plastic Surgery

Halle Berry Pictures Halle Berry’s plastic surgery is so obvious and is undeniable as can be seen on her skin just like; Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox. It is clear that her nose is now more pointed than it used to be and her nose tends to be smaller than before. All these are clearly seen on her before photos. However, looking professionally has earned her a position in the industry. Her stunning beauty as a result of plastic surgery has gained a global recognition in the form of Academy award and numerous magazines front page face. At her age, she can still do so many things which are not expected of her by her fans. She fits into the roles of younger stars well enough even at 40. Her sexy body has not deteriorated at all owing to factors like; body fitness exercise, healthy diet and of course plastic surgery. Despite her natural endowment, Press still believe she had her body passed under surgical knife especially her nose and boobs. The Press opinion notwithstanding, she fails to accept the fact that she undergone surgery even when her before photos are clearly stating it.

Halle Berry Photos Halle Berry plastic surgery before and after photos still shows full shaped boobs and curvy body which would have been very difficult to sense the difference but the difference is clear. Though, she covers up with the fact that she is afraid of surgical knife owing to the fact that wrong surgical operation is always not amendable but her photos are saying a different thing altogether. Nevertheless, whether she denies it or not, the fans do appreciate her shape now, don’t you think so?

Thorough comparison between her before and after photos can help in detecting distinct differences in her old and new look. Some professionals in the field strongly believe that her plastic surgery has provided her with a better look, structure and of course posture. However, her after photo shows a kind of facelifts owing to the fact that at her age there is suppose to be some wrinkles if not for the help of a facelift. Looking at her face, can you say she does not apply Botox injection to clear the wrinkles?

One thing is sure, an event led to another. Possibly, her breast enlargement gave her an entirely different look which now called for a nose surgery to compliment this new look. Remember that nose is one of the feature on our face that can completely ulter the look okf someone if distorted so most actors and actresses go for nose job to enhance their facial looks. Harry Berry’s case cannot be different as it shows on her after photos. At her age, she looks so much younger and can fit into any role younger stars can act. Rumor has it that lip enhancement could also be possible in her case as her lips look fuller than before. Her before and after photos also confirms this to be true.

Halle Berry Photos However, despite these observations, she still denies the surgery practice saying that her beauty is natural. Nevertheless, Harry Berry is a famous figure among youngsters as she tends to maintain her beauty even at her age. She is still recognized as a model, a stylist and a stunning actress with respect to her short haircut which still adds to her outstanding looks. Her lovers still keep their ears on ground to get the truth as nothing that happens to a celebrity is hidden. The truth someday must surface whether or not her beauty is a hand work of plastic surgery. Well, if her claims are right, then let’s hope she maintain for a long time without the surgery as that is the case of Goldie Hawn who still looks smooth and fresh even at 70 years.

Halle Berry Body Statistics:

Halle Berry Measurements* Height: 5’6″ (168 cm)

* Weight: 119 pounds (54 kg)

* Bra Size: 36 D

* Dress Size: 6

* Shoe Size: 7

* Hair Color: Dark brown