Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Before And After

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery – Has Been Confirmed By The Star

About Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is an all time popular actress of America. She was born on October 4, 1946. In 1994, for her excellent performance in the movie, “The Client” she won BAFTA award in the category of ‘Best Actress’. In 1995, The Academy award for ‘Best actress’ for the film, “Dead Man Walking” was presented to Susan Sarandon.

Her career began in 1970 with the movie, “Joe”. Then she performed in a soap opera named, “A World Apart” between the years 1970 and 1971. She had also been nominated for the Academy Awards several times, besides winning it like:

  • Lorenzo’s Oil
  • The Client
  • Atlantic City

On television she used to receive 5 Emmy nominations for “You Don’t Know Jack” and “Bernard and Doris”. She has appeared in several movies like:

  • The lovely bones
  • Igby goes down
  • Arbitrage
  • Step mom
  • Enchanted
  • White palace
  • Little woman
  • Bull Durham
  • Pretty baby
  • The witches of Eastwick
  • The hunger
  • The Rocky horror picture show

Once the actor/actress started becoming famous different sorts of rumors also start chasing him/her. So was the case with Susan Sarandon; but this time the news was no more a rumor as the actress herself unveiled the secret of her beautiful appearance. Now it is confirmed that Susan Sarandon plastic surgery is not a secret.

Susan Sarandon Plastic Surgery Discussed By The Star Herself

Susan Sarandon Photos It was a show where Susan Sarandon was invited and there she was questioned about the procedure of her plastic surgery. She replied very confidently and confirmed that has had some surgical interventions to make her neck clear. She told that she is in not in favor of Botox injections as she wants to her face in moving position. She added that her present appearance is just because of her makeup artist. She gave another reason for her good looks and that was her being a non-smoker and this definitely has affects on the appearance. No doubt that she openly talked about her plastic procedures but that was nit the complete truth. She claimed that it was merely her healthy living style and amazing skills of her makeup artist. Do you also take it as it has been told?

Susan Sarandon admitted openly that she has undergone the knife of plastic surgeon. She claimed that she will keep going for surgical interventions in the future too.  While talking about her surgical procedures she told she has undergone for liposuction for the areas under the eyes as well as under the chin. She added that she is much conscious about the bad looking lines of forehead but at the same time she is well aware of the side effects of Botox injections. She said that she is afraid of Botox injections and that she wants to make her face keep moving freely.

Susan Sarandon Photos According to Susan Sarandon, boobs are significant part of our body. It seems that she has some surgical interventions with her breast in the past. The procedure has definitely enhanced her looks.

While producing her point of view regarding plastic surgery she said it is right of anyone to make intervention to the body as he likes. But one thing is to be kept in mind that always remember who you are. Therefore, she said no matter when you go for plastic procedures, it is most important to know that when to halt the procedure. She was of the view that the procedures of plastic surgeries used to become addictive.

Though Susan Sarandon is approaching to her 70’s, she looks beautiful and charming. This statement seems very true when the pictures of Susan Sarandon plastic surgery before and after are compared. Actress of her age Barbara Walters’s also undergone perfect and successful plastic surgery.

Susan Sarandon Body Statistics:

  • Susan Sarandon MeasurementsMeasurements: 97 – 69 – 91 cm
  • Bra Size: 34 D
  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 63 kg
  • Shoe Size: 5
  • Dress Size: 6
  • Hair Color: Red
  • Eye Color: Hazel