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Tamar Braxton’s Plastic Surgery – Procedures Were Minimal

Tamar Braxton is an American singer, actress, songwriter and reality television personality. She was born in Severn, Maryland, and is 37 years old. Her older sister is one of the great American singing icons, Toni Braxton. Tamar was nominated for a Grammy award. Together with her sisters, they formed an R&B group called The Braxtons. The group released one album – So many ways. In 2000 Tamar started her solo career, but her first album was not a success. The Braxton sisters reunited in 2011 and started a reality show called Braxton Family Values, and the show was rated No. 1 on WE TV. Tamar is married to Vincent Herbert, and they have one child. In the last several years, there have been rumors about Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery interventions. As almost any other celebrity, this beauty with an astonishing voice apparently asked for help from plastic surgeons.

Tamar Braxton’s Plastic Surgery

When it comes to celebrities, you can read daily about different famous personalities who had some kind of plastic surgery procedure done either on their faces or bodies. Even ordinary people are deciding to go under the knife, because cosmetic surgeries can be the solution to improve one’s appearance. In most cases, the results of these procedures are astonishing, and some irregularities or imperfections on the body or face can be fixed and improved. In some cases, people can have some really crazy wishes, and then the results can even be scary. There have been certain rumors about Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery procedures, and on the procedures list you can see:

Tamar Braxton Photos

Whenever people spot any difference on someone, no matter how small it is, rumors will start to circle and the paparazzi and tabloids will start to take photos and write about the person concerned. In most situations, these rumors turn out to be true, but that is not always the case. Since the day Tamar stepped into the world of fame, her looks did change but not that drastically. When rumors about Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery started, you could find many before and after photos circulating, and many stories about her appearance. She started her career twenty years ago, and it is completely logical that her looks have changed trough the years, and plastic surgery is not necessarily the reason. On top of all that, Tamar also became a mom, which of course could account for some of these changes

Tamar Braxton About Plastic Surgery Procedures

Tamar Braxton Photos When you are a celebrity you have to deal with various questions about your career, personal life, and of course your looks. As soon as people started to talk about Tamar Braxton’s plastic surgery interventions, she decided to say what procedures she had actually done. She stated that she never did skin bleaching in her life, and that she has a skin condition called Vitiligo, and that was the main reason why she’s tanned. She also said that she did not have breast augmentation or cheek implants, but she also stated that she is not against plastic surgery procedures, and that she will maybe one day go under the knife. Tamar admitted that she had a nose job, because she did not have any cartilage in her nose, and that is why a nose job was needed. A piece of cartilage from her ear was placed in her nose, and that was it. She said that she is completely natural, and that she has no reason to lie. Tamar promised that she would admit any procedure if she did decide to have any. Her older sister Toni Braxton wrote in her book that she was always unhappy with her breasts, and that she went under the knife to improve her looks and enlarge her breasts. If you take Toni as an example of the woman who admitted the fact that she had gone under the knife, why wouldn’t Tamar do the same if the rumors were true.

Tamar Braxton MeasurementsHer appearance is different since she gave birth, but that is a completely normal thing. She also said that as soon as she admitted to having a nose job, people started to make a list of possible other procedures she could have had, such as botox injections, fillers but those rumors are not true.

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