Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Before And After

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery – And His New Youthful Look

Simon Cowell plastic surgery is no longer a secret as he comes out openly to speak about it thereby given the fans that honesty they demands. This 54 year old world class television personality producer, entrepreneur and A & R executive who hails from UK and born precisely in Lambert, London cannot afford to leave wrinkle on his face. Being a television producer, he so much believes that his facial outlook is very important in his business and career. As a matter of fact, he is a world class presenter who gained recognition through some television shows such as; Pop Idol, Britain Got Talent, American Idol and of course the popular X-Factor. His popularity however has given him fame as well as brought some criticisms as his judgment can either be seen as good or bad one. He is not only a television presenter but also a music publisher as he owns such firm also. Thus, through his television presentation, many musicians have been able to come to limelight. He is married to Lauren Silverman and their first issue arrived in 2014 February.


Simon Cowell Surgery

Simon Cowell Pictures Simon Cowell plastic surgery is also a story to discuss as many lovers of his show would love to see a new Simon. However, the truth is not farfetched as the difference in his before and after is crystal clear to all. From his new look, the possible surgery he must have undergone will not be far from facelift and also the use of Botox injection. As a matter of fact, Simon’s use of Botox injection is not hidden. He easily talks about it and claims he uses it to boost his facial look. The truth is not hidden; the work of Botox is clearly seen on him as there are no wrinkles at all on his face. The fans believe that why he openly talks about Botox injection and the use of it, is because he claims it is not surgery because he disagrees completely the rumor that he had facelift. He sees facelift as plastic surgery and therefore, does not accept he has ever done that.

Comparing His Old And Recent Photos, Is There Possibility Of A Facelift On Him?

Simon Cowell Photos Is there actually a facelift on Simon Cowell’s Face?

This is exactly the question fans and followers ask at all times. Following his recent facial outlook which is ever shinning, there is no doubt that his face must have pass under surgical knife. Simon Cowell facelift is not hidden in any way as he looks refreshed at all times. Of course, having been spotted with bandage near his ear at Beverly Hills in the past, is it not a sure prove that there must have been facelift on him?  Despite this, he still did not agree with the fact that his face has ever seen such.

Do you think the new Simon Cowell is natural?

Of course, it is absolutely true that he had a facelift because his nose bridge is now thinner than it used to be and this is one major spot that must be looked out for in order to confirm a plastic surgery. Nevertheless, he looks much younger than before.

Was Simon Surgery Successful?

Simon Cowell Photos Simon Cowell plastic surgery before and after photos clearly proves that it was a successful one as he looks fresher these day than before. You do not need a pair of medicated glasses to see this. He looks so young now with no wrinkle at all. Thanks to Botox injection, facelift, healthy diet and regular body exercise for the job well done on him. Simon’s case has triggered quite a lot of male celebs to go for the same practice and majority came out with good results whereas others who have higher quest ended up having negative outcome. As for Simon’s case, he was very careful not to go extreme and that is why there is much resemblance between his old and new faces.

Simon Cowell MeasurementsNevertheless, considering the cost and dangers involved, some of his fans would rather prefer Simon’s face the way it used to be than taken this risk but for good majority, this is a call for professionalism. If Michael Jackson did it, then Simon will not be an exemption.

What is your opinion about Simon’s decision going for a facelift?