Billy Joel Net Worth

Billy Joel Net Worth

How much Billy Joel is worth:

  • Full Name: William Martin Billy Joel
  • Net Worth: $180 Million
  • Occupation: Pianist /singer/songwriter
  • Marital Status: Divorce, Married thrice
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Billy Joel Net Worth – How Much Does The Talented Pianist Made In His Career?

Billy Joel was raised in NYC, USA, but both his parents were originally from Germany and they were Jewish. His father was also a talented pianist and that is why Billy also got interested in music very early in his life.  Music became his life, he went to a good school but was never interested in studies. That is why he was unable to graduate high school, but that did not make any problem to reach high Billy Joel net worth.

Billy Joel Net Worth And Career

Billy Joel Pictures Billy Joel first became famous for his song Piano Man in 1973. Ever since that song he never had to look back and Billy Joel net worth started becoming high. He is one of the best-selling artists in USA today. Most of his songs are chartbusters. But some of his music is also panned by the critics because they always expect so much more for his.

Bill Joel was honored with Songwriters Hall of fame award way back in 1996. After that he was also included in rock and roll hall of fame. Billy Joel had stopped writing and releasing new music after his 1993 Album River of dreams. But he still tours and performs in many TV talk shows, like he did a very memorable appearance at Conan O Brien talk show in 2005. His performance that night was simply outstanding and that is why many people still watch the clip of that show even today on YouTube.

Billy Joel and his famous collaborations are very famous in the world of music. One of his greatest and most recent collaboration was the Boss Mr. Bruce Springsteen himself. The two famous musicians had performed together for Barack Obama. The video is still one of the most-watched musical videos on the internet.

Billy Joel Photos

Billy Joel made an album called an innocent man which was his tribute to R & B music. The song Tell her about it from the album gave the singer his second number one hit at the billboards. But surprisingly the title song from the album was not a big success and it did not make it to the number one position.

Billy Joel Photos Billy Joel was also someone who did a lot of tours to help the underprivileged people. He was also among the group of musicians who went to Africa to perform.

Billy Joel love life is one of the most colorful aspects of his life. He was married thrice and all the time the marriage ended up in divorce. He first got married when he was very young; that marriage did not last for too long. Then he married Christie Brinkley, they even welcomed a daughter Alexa Ray Joel. But even that association ended though they remained as very good friends. Christie even attended Joel’s third marriage with a much younger girl, which sadly was also a failure.

Billy Joel suffered from depression from an early age. He openly talked about it. Many believe that suffering from depression was a big reason that most of his relationship failed.

He never endorsed any political parties. But in 2008 he did a benefits show for Obama. Billy Joel is a special musician who lived his life according to his own terms and never cared for mainstream Hollywood fame.