Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery Before And After

Alexa Ray Joel Plastic Surgery – And The Truth About It

There is a rumor taking its rounds among celebrity watchers that Alexa Ray Joel has undergone several extensive procedures of plastic surgery in order to enhance her looks. However, the 28 year old celebrity who is the daughter of popular singer Billy Joel and the model Christie Brinkley has denied the rumors as 100% falsehood. But she admits the fact that she has gone through cosmetic surgery on her nose fulfilling her childhood desire to have a nose that looks better when looked at from sideways.

The types of surgery the popular actress is suspected to have gone through are:

Response Of Alexa Ray Joel On The Rumors

Alexa Ray Joel Pictures The young celebrity has gone on Instagram and written that all the rumors on her getting plastic surgery done on her face are baseless. She also has posted a photograph of hers beside her comment. She wrote that the only thing she has got done is to get some work on her nose as she didn’t like the way her nose appeared when looked at from sideways. She has been quite honest in disclosing the truth about her getting her nose attended. Alexa Ray Joel nose job has brought in good results too.

Did The 28 Year Old Celebrity Undergo Breast Implant Surgery?

Alexa Ray Joel Photos According to the popular actress she has never undergone any other surgical procedure to enhance her appearance. She commented that with a push up bra and a dramatic make up she could go a long way when it comes to make up. In short, not only she denied undergoing any surgery other than on her nose but also emphasized that such surgery is not necessary. As one interested on the affairs of celebrities what do you think and what is your opinion? Look at Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery pictures before and after and make your comment.

Commenting on the pictures that appeared in the internet as before surgery and after, Alexa commented that the before picture of hers has been taken when she was 13 years old and the one that is labeled after is a recent picture of hers taken at her present age of 28 years. Naturally, they will be different she said.

Alexa Ray Joel Photos If you take a look and pay attention to Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after photos or videos, you will see that she obviously had some cosmetic work done. Even though she is almost eighty years old her appearance is breathtaking. Whenever people see Jane on red carpet or anywhere else she will leave them breathless.

One thing everybody will agree will be the fact that most of the celebrity plastic surgery jobs created artificial looks on celebrities who have subjected themselves for such surgery but things appear to be different with Alexa Ray joel. She has never acquired any artificial appearance. This appears to be some evidence to say that she has not really undergone extensive plastic surgery.

However, according to Celebrity tabloid of Star Magazine both Alexa and her mother have undergone procedures of plastic surgery in the same hospital in consecutive days. Now it is your turn to look for more evidence and decide.

Laura Bell Bundy’s Plastic Surgery

Alexa Ray Joel MeasurementsWhen it comes to plastic surgery, especially to enhance the appearance of nose, Laura Bell Bundy is a good example. If you look at the before and after photos of this celebrity who has appeared in many movies as well as TV series has had a large and a goofy nose. However, after the plastic surgery performed to correct it she has got a beautiful nose that matches her face. It has narrowed down and has also become slim at the bridge. This is also an instance where the plastic surgery has not given an artificial appearance to the celebrity’s face.

Since there is a lot of rumors on Alexa Ray Joel plastic surgery many celebrity watchers still believe that the popular actress and the pianist has gone through some cosmetic procedures despite her denial. As such, it is up to you to judge for yourself if those who spread rumors are correct or the celebrity is honest. It is a case of time until more details are found on the true stories to be unearthed with regard to the rumors. However, it will not take a long time to know the true facts of plastic surgery performed on another celebrity.