Bo Jackson Net Worth

Bo Jackson Net Worth

How much is Bo Jackson worth:

  • Full Name: Vincent Edward Bo Jackson
  • Net Worth: $16 Million
  • Occupation: Athlete
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American

Bo Jackson Is He One Of The Highest Paid Sport Person In The History?

Lots of young generation of athlete says that Bo Jackson was their inspiration for taking up sports as their main profession. One of the most famous young players of today Chad Johnson looked really happy recently when he met Bo Jackson. So from that one can guess his impact in sports and this is the thing that made $16 million Bo Jackson net worth.

Bo Jackson Pictures

Bo Jackson was born in a middle-class family. His parents have 10 kids; he was named after his mother’s favorite actor Vince Edwards. Most of his family members who were interviewed by the media persons informed that as a kid Bo was a real trouble maker and his parents used to get in trouble with the neighbors because of his naughty antics. But his parents were always supportive and encouraged him to play sports.

Bo Jackson Net Worth And Career

Bo Jackson Photos Bo Jackson received all-star status in both baseball and football. He started his career as a football player but when he suffered a major injury, he changed his sport and became a baseball player. He played both these sports with equal dominance.

Bo started playing Baseball when he was in college. His talent was noticed by major baseball teams at a very early stage. He was even chosen to play New York Yankees, but he declined the offer and instead went to Auburn University with a football scholarship because his mother wanted him to be the first person from their family who went to college.

So that is why he became a footballer instead of a baseball player. Bo Jackson hip injury ended his dream as a football player. Today a lot of people refer their hip injury as Bo Jackson injury like last year another former football player Brett Fabre revealed that he is also playing with a Bo Jackson hip injury all his life.

Bo Jackson started playing Baseball when his football career ended early. But at the same time he continued his studies as he knew it was very important for his mother.

Bo Jackson Photos As a baseball player, Bo Jackson played for Kansas City Royals and won many crucial games for them. He started his baseball career in 1986, but it was only in 1989 when he started showing his dominance in the game. Before he was not counted as the main player for his team but from 1989 he became the star player for the Royals. He also got into troubles with a couple of his own teammates as many believed that he was playing more for his own glory and showmanship rather than as a part of the team.

He was one of the highest paid players of his time. But at the end of his career his team Kansas City Royals refused to pay the salary he wanted and released him.

Bo Jackson is also known as a fun personality off the field. Bo Jackson is happily married to Linda Jackson since 1987. Together they have 3 sons. These days he tours all over the country as a mentor. He is also very visible in social networking website Twitter where he promotes many charities. Overall we can say that even after retiring as a player Mr. Bo Jackson is still living a great life.