Arsenio Hall Net Worth

Arsenio Hall Net Worth

How much is Arsenio Hall worth:

  • Full Name: Arsenio Cheron Hall
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian /Talk show host
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Ethnicity: African American

Arsenio Hall Net Worth – Is It More Than Any Other Talk Show Host Ever Made?

Arsenio Hall is a famous American talk show host and comedian who is an Ohio native, his father was a Baptist pastor. Religion and education were a big part of his childhood. He was a good student who later on enrolled in Ohio University. But since he was little he loved performing in front of others. That is why he started doing magic show as a kid.

Arsenio Hall Net Worth And Career

Arsenio Hall started his television career at the beginning of the 80s. Before he got his solo talk show he had to appear as a sidekick to many famous comedians. But when all the celebrity hosted talk shows failed to deliver the ratings Fox network hired him as a solo talk show host. He found popularity among the young crowds of USA almost instantly. His talk show ran from 1989 to 1994. Most of Arsenio Hall net worth of $5 million came from this talk show.

Arsenio hall also made $900000 from appearing in the cult movie “Coming to America”. But more than the money this movie gave him worldwide fame along with Oscar nominated actor Eddie Murphy.

Well, not really if you compare other talk show hosts like Conan O ‘Brien who are part of the Forbes most rich people list, Arsenio Hall’s income will look very small. But he was a pop culture icon who promoted young black musicians. His signature gesture was so popular in his talk show that some famous movie directors used it in their classic movies. Even Julia Roberts copied his signature move for her milestone movie Pretty Woman. So you can understand how influential Arsenio was at his prime.

Arsenio Hall Photos

His show finally ended its run in 1994 because of the falling popularity, but he said his personal life was also a reason that he had to quit.

Arsenio Hall tried to make a comeback in talk shows when CBS rebooted Arsenio Hall talk show, but his career did not last long this time around and the show got canceled only after one season. But he is still very popular among the current generation of people and you can guess that by the number of Twitter follower he has. He has a real great sense of humor, just recently he told that getting a tattoo in a place that cannot be covered by the suit is not a good idea. So it looks like we will never get to see Arsenio Hall tattoo in our lives, lol.

Arsenio Hall is very fond of his cars, but in 2014 Arsenio Hall car got into an accident when he lost the control of the Porsche Cayenne he was driving late at night. He was okay but according to the celebrity news website TMZ he had to spend $15k to get his car fixed.

Arsenio Hall was never married and when people hear that he has a net worth of $5 million and he is still not married, they question his sexuality. But that accusation is ridiculous since he had many girlfriends, and the most famous Arsenio Hall girlfriend was none other than Miss Paula Abdul.

Arsenio Hall is also a father, he has a son with an unnamed woman. He once opened up to talk show queen Oprah about his son and told her that how he quit his job to become a stay at home father.

To promote his new show he appeared in Real time talk with Bill Maher in 2012, it was a great fun filled episode.

Arsenio Hall is still working, so Arsenio Hall net worth will be much more at the end of his career.