Bill Maher Net Worth

Bill Maher Net Worth

How much is Bill Maher worth:

  • Full Name: William Maher Jr.
  • Net Worth: $23 Million
  • Occupation: Standup comedian/ author/ actor
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Ethnicity: American Caucasian


Bill Maher Net Worth – Is He One Of The Richest Standup Comedians In The World?           

Bill Maher is one of the most famous stand-up comedians in the world, Bill Maher net worth proves that. He was born in NYC in USA. His father was an announcer in Radio while his mother was a nurse. From early days, Bill got into trouble because of his opinions. He was raised as a catholic because that was his father’s religion. But what Bill did not know as a kid was his mother was Jewish. He later on got into trouble with his father because of he did not believe the theory his father’s church gave against using of birth control pills.

Bill Maher Net Worth And Career

Bill Maher according to many has one of the best voices in the industry. That is why he became the host of many popular talk shows. But at the beginning of his career he did not have the opportunity to host any solo shows, he was only a stand up in popular talk shows like Tonight Show, Late Show. But people did notice his talent and his capacity of captivating the audiences. Whatever he did people liked. But it was still surprising that unlike other comedians like Arsenio Hall who got a solo show very young; Bill Maher only got his show Politically Incorrect pretty later at his career.

Bill Maher Pictures

His show politically incorrect was very popular until he made a not so appropriate comment about the 2011 twin tower attacks. It became so controversial that network had to cancel the show.

Bill Maher Photos Bill Maher stated his current and the most famous gift of his career Real time with Bill Maher in 2003.  His show is one of the most high-profile talk shows in USA network. Most A-list stars come to his show when they have to promote something related to their career. But sometimes Bill Maher just invites people who are his friends and he wants to have a chat with them. Bill in 2015 is one of the highest paid talk show hosts in USA. He earns $6 million as a talk show host every year.

Bill Maher invited so many famous people in his show. Some interviews were really memorable. Like when he called former friends star Lisa Kudrow on his show and the two stars talked about the good and bad side of fame. But that episode had a very awkward moment when Bill asked Lisa about Republicans and the actress looked really confused, according to the actress she never heard about them.

Bill Maher Photos Bill Maher is also becoming famous for another not so flattering this these days, his talk show was nominated for 23 Emmys, but only managed to win it one time. Bill Maher highest Emmy loser is a popular term in Hollywood award circuits these days.

There are very famous and controversial Bill Maher girlfriends. The famous standup comedian never got married. But all the controversy and relationships with women half his age makes his love life very interesting.

Today he travels around the world doing stand-up shows in between hosting his famous talk show for TV. Many people say that it is time Bill Maher does something new as his talk show is getting repetitive. But that is definitely not true as he is continuing to get both award nominations and ratings for his talk show.