Robin Wright Plastic Surgery

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery Before And After

Robin Wright Plastic Surgery – Rumours Facts Or Fiction?

The concept of plastic surgery is no longer a strange one among the Hollywood actors and high-profile personalities such as Robin Mcgraw and Hillary Clinton. At its initial stages of invention, most celebrities were very much reluctant to welcome this whole idea of plastic surgery. This could be attributed to the fact that these public figures had fears of stigmatization. Furthermore, it was also a very risky affair. This was because most of the plastic surgical procedures ended up doing more harm than good; they could even worse off one’s looks and make him or her look uglier than before. Robin plastic surgery claims attracted lots of opinions from experts and average people alike. But are they true?

Did She Really Get Plastic Surgery?

Robin Wright Pictures However, the twenty-first century has seen more people appreciating the whole thing of plastic surgery. This could be due to the fact that most celebrities have become more liberal and are thus free to try out new things, regardless of the possible risks. The modern day celebrities thirst for that perfect youthful look.

Those who know her would agree with me that Robin Wright is a success in the acting industry. She has, like any other celebrity, had her high and low moments. This Hollywood star is a mother of two children. She is divorced but currently engaged to another man. They are expected to tie the knot anytime soon. Robin Wright is no longer young. Therefore, one would expect some of her body parts to start forming wrinkles. However, this is not the case. Her skin still looks very smooth. She looks very young and youthful – probably like she used to ten years ago.

Many would agree to the fact that Robin Wright has reaped big from her acting career. Her rise to fame was majorly contributed by the controversial role she played in the house of cards.

Why Robin Went For A Plastic Surgery?

Robin Wright Photos This celebrity is currently dating Ben Foster. Ben Foster is said to be fourteen years younger than her original age. After her divorce experience with her former husband, Robin Foster swore never to date again. However, the fact that she is dating Ben Foster is a clear indication that everything has changed. Ben Foster seems to have changed her mind on the subject of dating. As if that is not enough, Ben Foster has also made this celebrity begin to love tattoos. Robin Wright has always been known to be an anti-tattoo kind of a person. Things, however, seem to have changed. She has a latter B on her ring finger. This could be the initial of Ben, her husband to be. Even Foster has a letter R on her ring finger, probably standing for Robin, his wife to be.

Robin Wright has said that it has never been easy dating a younger man. Impliedly, this could be the reason as to why he decided to go for plastic surgery; to look as young as the fiancée.

Robin’s Confession

Robin Wright Photos Robin Wright has openly admitted her use of Botox injection. This is contrary to many celebrities who hide under the cover of possession very good genes when it’s pretty obvious that the look they try to portray is not naturally their own. She has even been frank enough to state what amount of Botox she uses. Robin only uses one unit of Botox. This explains why she has managed to maintain her natural looks in spite of the fact that she has been using it for long.

Robin Wright is not about to stop going for Botox injections. She says that she has to look good, to please her fans and even the husband.

Indeed, Robin Wright plastic surgery has been a plus to her acting career. Her fans admire her even more. However, she cannot just only be attributed to Botox injections. She does good exercises like Zumba dancing.