Alex Rodriguez Net Worth

Alex Rodrıguez Net Worth

How much is Alex Rodriguez worth:

  • Full Name: Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez
  • Net Worth: $22.9 Million
  • Occupation: Third baseman/ Shortstop
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Ethnicity: Dominican

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth – The Yankee Star Earns A Fortune

Alex Rodriguez Earnings

Alex Rodriguez Pictures Alex Rodriguez net worth is estimated of $22,9 million. According to Forbes, he is the 48th richest guy on the planet. That should say much as his biggest career in baseball with the Texas Rangers earns him quite a fortune. His salary has reached $252 million and with the New York Yankee, he earns $275 million. That happened in 2007. Wonder how much he got today. As a Baseball player, he has a particular target that gives him the price and the fame. His earning gets higher when he could bring glory to his team. In 2014, his asset is worthy of $22,600 cash. The Forbes recorded his asset until 2014 and that should give him a great fortune. Other comparable star is Bill Murray with at least $120 million of fortune.

Alex Rodriguez Personal Life

Alex Rodriguez PhotosAs an athlete, Alex is quite easy to grab a girl. The celeb lover ranged from hot girls like Madonna and also Cameron Diaz. But Alex Rodriguez girlfriend that he married in 2002 is Cynthia Scurtis. He has a baby girl named Natasha Alexander. He also has another child named Ella Alexander. But in 2008, Alex filed a divorced and he began dating Kate Hudson in 2008. He also was seen to date Cameron Diaz but the couple splitted in 2011. His dates included torrie Wilson and also a stripper. His long list of relationship somehow showed that he just could not settle with one girl.

Alex Rodriguez’s Properties And Asset

Alex Rodriguez Photos Alex Rodriguez house is a huge mansion on 54,000 square-feet land. His Miami home consists of exotic design and work of art that frames up his house. This residence is by far, impressive with the glass windows covering the house making it look very modern. It also features home garden and rooftop deck. The mansion owns 9 bed room and 11 bathrooms.

He moved in his house in 2011 and later on bought a condominium in Manhattan that is worth of $5.5 million. But apparently this home has dropped its value up to $2.5 million after just 8 months of purchase. But for Alex, it was never an issue. Alex has also owned several automobiles that is worthy of million dollars. This has been a great year for him with his salary that keeps mounting up. Alex does not bother about what the public says about him or his relationship with some girls. In fact, the public becomes more interested in what he earns, what he owns and what he has won.

Time With The Yankees

Alex Rodriguez Photos Alex Rodriguez is nicknamed as A-rod. This is the youngest ever to play baseball with 500+ home runs. It has reached milestone in 2010. His championship in 2009 has led him to more fames and more cash in his pocket. He also joined New York Yankee and made a great debut with the team. In 2004, the trade went smooth and he has played in major leagues plus collecting achievements and awards during his time.

What Do You Think About Alex Rodriguez?

Alex Rodriguez Photos How do you compare Alex to some other names like Rob Dyrdek who is also famous for his skating gig. The guy get rich just by playing his passion. Do you think Alex could continue his stardom and do you think he can settle with a woman somewhere in the near future?

What about his career? Do you think Alex will be traded in other baseball team? Since he is a talented player, everybody wants to sign a deal with him. Tell us what you think and don’t forget to leave comment below!

Alex Rodriguez Body Statistics:

  • Alex Rodrıguez Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight:90m (6’1”)
  • Weight: 102Kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green