Bill Murray Net Worth

Bill Murray Net Worth

How much is Bill Murray worth:

  • Full Name: William James “Bill” Murray
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: actor, producer, businessman
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: American

Bill Murray Net Worth – How Much Does This Famous Actor Earns?

A Sneak Peak At Bill Murray Career

Bill Murray Pictures Bill Murray Net worth was mainly acquired by his work in movies and his investments in restaurants in which he has a partnership with his brother. Bill Murray is an actor who primarily and usually did comedy roles, and he is also a writer and producer.  Bill Murray Net worth is around 140 million dollars a year, though he is being passive in acting and only taking on supporting roles in movies, but before he played roles in many famous movies like “Ghostbusters” and the movie “Meatballs”, both comedies in genre. But it is also seen that he is capable of taking on and performing serious drama-roles He got Oscar nomination for his role in the movie “Lost in translation” which was an incredibly powerful and breathtaking role. He is also do voice acting in animated movies as well.

Bill Murray Income

Bill Murray Photos Bill Murray acquired most of his income from the many movies in which he acted, but he also has invested in many other types of business forms like investing in a few restaurants which he co-owns with his brother. He is also the owner of a number of properties   located in Palisades (New York), in Los Angeles, in Charleston (where he usually lives) and in Martha’s Vineyard.

He also co-owns the Minnesota semi-pro baseball team. He has also invested part of his income in many other clubs like the the Hudson Valley Renegades, Salt Lake City Trappers, Brockton Rox, Fort Myers Miracle, Catskill Cougars and Salt Lake Sting. He is an old styled Hollywood actor, who is a renowned actor and a very charitable person like George Clooney and Robert De Niro. George Clooney net worth is $180 million and Robert De Niro net worth is $185 million.

Bill Murray Early Education And Career

Bill Murray Photos Bill Murray studied in the famous Second Troupe, located In Chicago. He then went to New York and worked as a stand up comedian there , and there he got a chance to work in The National Lumpin Radio Show and from there he then started to work in Saturday late night shows. Then he got the opportunity to work on the big screen and was offered roles in many movies like Ghostbusters and Meatballs. He did many similar movies like these, but he was also capable of performing a serious role like in the move Lost in Translation.

Bill’s Love For Sports

Bill is obviously a big sports fan as he can be seen investing in many clubs and even co-owns a baseball team. He loves golf, hence it can be seen as he takes an active part in many golf competitions arrange for celebrities, he has also expressed his passion and love for golf in his book titled “A Cinderella Story – My Life in Golf”.

He is also a big fan of Baseball and Basketball, as we can see him watching baseball and basketball games in native Chicago. He is also a big fan of clubs like Chicago bulls, Chicago cubs and Chicago bears.

Private Life Of Bill Murray

Bill Murray Photos Margaret Kelly was his first wife. They got married in 1981. They had two boys, which they named Luke and Homer. The marriage lasted for 15 years and they divorced in 1996. The reason behind the separation was Bill’s infidelity with Jennifer Butler.

Jennifer Butler was Bill Murray second wife, they married after Bill’s divorce in 1997 and remained married for 11 years and they too got separated in the year 2008. Jennifer was the one who filed the divorce and she gave reason that Bill was abusive and he cheating on her and was abusive. They had 4 sons.

Bill Murray Body Statistics:

  • Bill Murray Body Statistics MeasurementsHeight: 6′ 1”
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Shoe Size: n/a
  • Hair Color: Gray
  • Eye Color: Blue