Tina Turner Net Worth

Tina Turner Net Worth

How much is Tina Turner worth:

  • Full Name: Anna Mae Bullock
  • Net Worth: $250 Million
  • Occupation: singer, actress, author and dancer
  • Marital Status: Married to Erwin Bach
  • Ethnicity: African-American


Tina Turner Net Worth – Find Out Tina Turner Income And Earnings

Over the years, America has continued to produce top singers and actresses. Tina Turner is definitely one of them. As at this moment in time, Tina Turner net worth is approximately $250 million. You may wonder how the singer actually rose to that level. She got there as a result of her talent and hard work. She remains one of the wealthiest American celebrities we know today.

Tina Turner Source Of Wealth

Tina Turner made the greater part of her bucks as a singer and actress. She has sold more than 200 million records globally. Also, Tina has sold millions of concert tickets. In fact, according to the Guinness Book of Records, she has sold more tickets than any other solo performer in history. Like any other artist such as T-Pain and Trey Songz, Turner has continued to earn millions of dollars as a singer. That is the reason why her net worth continues to rise on a daily basis.

Early Life And Career Development

Anna Mae Bullock alias Tina Turner was born on 26 November, 1939, in Southeast United states. Aside from being a singer, Turner is also an author, actress and dancer. Her career has spanned more than five decades, bagging several awards as well as earning worldwide recognition.

Tina Turner Pictures Turner started off her music career in the 1950s. She started using her stage name ‘Tina Turner’ in the early 1960s. Turner has been described as the most popular entertainer and the queen of rock and roll. She has won 8 Grammy Awards and sold more than 100 million copies globally. She is well-recognized for her powerful vocals and lively stage performance.

Turner began singing in their church choir. When Anna was eleven years old, her mother went missing. It was speculated that her mother ran off as a result of an abusive relationship with Bullock, her husband. When she was thirteen, Turner’s father married another woman and relocated to Detroit. As a result, Anna together with her sister went to live with their grandmother in Brownsville. When she was a teen, Turner worked as a domestic worker to make ends meet.

As a self-proclaimed tomboy, she joined the female basketball team and the cheerleading squad at Carver High School. Unfortunately, her grandmother died when she was only 16. She was sent to stay with her mother in St. Louis, Missouri – there she joined up with her sister.

Tina Turner Relationship And Assets

Tina Turner is married to Erwin Bach. She has two sons Craig and Ronald. Tina did not have a good relationship with her mother until in 1999 When Bullock died. She married Ike but their marriage was full of challenges. In 1968, Turner fought with Ike and swallowed 50 valiums in an attempt to commit suicide. Turner filed for a divorce in 1976 after she got involved in another fight with Ike. Turner is now married to Erwin Bach.

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Turner was born in a Christian family. She attended the Baptist Church throughout her childhood. However, she converted to Buddhism in 1971 after one of her friends introduced her to the religion. She was born in the United States but relocated to Switzerland. She is now a citizen of Switzerland. Aside from this, she owns several properties in the United States, including a house in Los Angeles.

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It cannot be denied that Tina Turner is one of the best singers of all time. At the moment, Tina Turner net worth stands at $250 million. This makes her one of the highest paid singers in the world. Though she is in her late 70s, Turner is still beautiful and famous.