T Pain Net Worth

T Pain Net Worth

How much is T Pain worth:

  • Name: Faheem Rasheed Najm
  • Net Worth: $30-35 Million
  • Occupation: singer rapper
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American

T Pain Net Worth – Understanding The Source Of His Immense Wealth

Dubbed as one of the most popular celebrities in the world, T Pains year of birth is 1985 in Tallahassee state of Florida. His real names are Faheem Rasheed Najm but he is widely known by his stage name T Pain. T Pain net worth of about $35 million can be largely attributed to his success in the music industry. However, he is also a prolific producer, actor, and song writer that have all contributed to his immense wealth. His very first album titled “Rappa Ternt Sanga” was released in 2005 while his second album “Epiphany” was released in the year 2008. T Pain is credited with bringing Auto tune to the forefront of the hip hop industry.

T Pain Early Life

T Pain was born and raised in the State of Florida specifically Tallahassee. As a child, he was deeply fascinated about music and it’s no wonder that he was introduced to music at a tender age of just 3 years by a family friend who subsequently allowed him to spend time in his recording studio and twist various knobs. His stage name “T Pain” is coined from Tallahassee Pain signifying the many challenges and hardships he faced as a child. Brought up as a Muslim, T Pain has since expressed his lack of interest in religion as a concept and has become a very successful musician since his debut in the year 2005.

T Pains Personal Life

T pain is a family man and has been married to his lovely wife Amber Najm from the year 2003. Together they have 2 sons (Kaydnz Kodah and Muziq) and one daughter by the name Lyriq. In the year 2009, while enroute to shooting Lil Kim’s music video for the song “Download”, he was involved in a golf cart accident and subsequently lost 4 teeth and a couple of bruises and cuts. He went for an emergency dental surgery to replace the teeth and was back to performing two days later. In the year 2013, T pain made a revelation that he had cut off his trademark and iconic dreadlock stating that it was important that all people learn to adjust with their surroundings. He stated that reinventing oneself every now and then is the best thing to do as those who get stuck doing the same things over and over are bound to be left behind as others press on.

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T Pain Awards And Achievements

Since his debut in the music industry, T painhas proved to be a force to reckon with and has subsequently wonimmense awards which point to his talent as asinger. He won the Grammy award for best rap song in 2008, BET award for best collaboration in 2008 and 2009, Grammy award for best R&B performance in 2010, BET hip hop award for best hip hop video in 2008 among many others. All these awards and achievements are an indication that T Pain is a talented music who has pulled all stops to reach the pinnacle of the music industry.

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The meteoritic rise in the career of T pain is what has informed the immense wealth he has amassed over the years since his debut.  T Pain net worth is huge by all means though it cannot be compared to the net worth of other artists such as Sean Combs or Melisa Rivers. However, with his foray into acting, record producing and a couple of endorsement deals, T pains net worth is bound to increase in the foreseeable future.