Fifty Cent Net Worth

50 Cent Net Worth

How much is 50 Cent worth:

  • Full Name: Curtis Jackson III
  • Net Worth: $140 Million
  • Occupation: rapper, singer, producer
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: American

Fifty Cent Net Worth – Account Got Frozen But Still, 50 Cent Is Rich!

Fifty Cent Pictures Fifty Cent net worth is estimated by Forbes to be around $140 million. The hot rapper is not just singing along the tune but he managed to work with headphone producer, accused of stealing the design from the company, Sleek Audio. The 3 years of battle got his account frozen and still, net worth 50 Cent makes him walk like a boss.

How Much Is 50 Cent Worth

50 Cent PhotosOne of the hip hop’s richest man, the Forbes took 50 Cent on their top 5 list. The wealthiest guy in the industry appeared on the magazine last year on May issue and with his succesful career in rapping, plus his business enterprises, 50 Cent is a mad rich guy.

His most successful career is actually gotten from the Vitamin Water he sells. Not to mention, the joint venture he does with the SK energy and also SMS audio. Meanwhile, his music career also boosts a level of wealth as he independently released his latest album entitled, Animal ambition.

Net Worth Of 50 Cent After His Bank Account Got Frozen

50 Cent PhotosAs reported by the news, 50 Cent had to pay attorney fee plus the Florida earphone company around $4.5 million. The judgement against him makes it difficult for him to draw the account. He was ordered to pay the amount after failing to deal with the company. His business account is not frozen but his personal account is. According to the news, US district Court of Miami made him lose the battle against the company. The 3 year of war between them had cost him a whole lot of fortune. Sleek audio, partnered up with him but eventually accusing the rapper to steal their design that he wanted. The conceptualized headphone did not make it to the market.

How Much Money Is 50 Cent Worth

50 Cent Photos50 Cent has been marketing his own headphone brand but unfortunately, it has similar design with the manufacturer’s. After breaking uup with Sleek Audio, he partners up with SMS Audio in 2011. The case damaged his profits afterward but the Forbes seemed to know where his position in wealthy people list.

50 Cent also successfully launched his own recording lable the G unit. His clothing company and his partnering up with Glaceau for Vitamin Water earned him a hundred million dollar income. Not to mention when Coke purchased the Vitamin water, the addition is another $4 billion.

50 Cent house has tremendous facilities in the mansion including pool, gym and stuffs on his land. He also starred along with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tyrese Gibson for Southpaw directed by Antoine Fuqua. 50 Cent tattoos also becomes the talk among the media. He has several ink on his body.

50 Cent Girlfriend Accused Him For Domestic Abuse

50 Cent PhotosThe wealthy man seems to have a lot of problem with his romantic relationship off the camera. His year of 2015 was started with his ex girlfriend confessing to the media about the physical abuse. Holly, the bodacious lady even posted his flaw on her Instagram account and mentioned him as manipulating man. What do you think about 50 Cent career? Is he going to blast another fortune or is he going to settle with the stuffs he already made? And how do you compare him with Adam Levine?

50 Cent Body Statistics:

  • 50 Cent Body Statistics MeasurementsMeasurements: 49 – 17 – 34
  • Bra Size:
  • Height:83 m
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Shoe Size: 12
  • Dress Size: 14
  • Hair Color: black
  • Eye Color: brown