Terry Crews Net Worth

Terry Crews Net Worth

How much is Terry Crews worth:

  • Full Name: Terry Alan Crews
  • Net Worth: $20 Million
  • Occupation: Actor/Football player
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: African American


Terry Crews Net Worth – Is He The Richest Footballer Turned Actor?

Terry Crews net worth is $20 million, he used to be a footballer but now he is seen as a series regular in popular Fox sitcom “Brooklyn Nine- Nine”.

Terry Crews Early Life

Terry Crews was born on 30th July, 1968 in Michigan, United States. His father did not play a big role in his childhood; his mother almost raised him single handedly. Terry grew up in a religious household. His family was Christians who went to the church every Sunday.

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Terry was an outstanding student. He was not only good at his studies, but he was also a great athlete. He outshined his fellow classmates in arts too. These achievements helped him to get into a prestigious institution.

Terry Crews was a footballer before he became an actor. But he once told Jimmy Kimmel that his first ever job was with entertainment industry and that is probably the reason that he later became an actor.

Football Career

Terry Crews first began his career as a football player in 1991. He was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams. He went to play for many other teams in his career including San Diego Chargers.

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Terry Crews net worth is $20 million but it did not happen because of his career in Football. Unlike many of these days NFL stars Terry was not earning that much money. In fact he had to sell some paintings of his teammates which he drew himself to earn some extra money.

Career In Hollywood

Terry decided to retire from football in 1997; he always wanted to be an actor. So he finally decided to give acting a try. Since he was a known face he did not have to struggle a lot to get his first role. One of his first roles as an actor was for Battle Dome TV series, he played a character called T-money. He went on to star in many comedies. He also guest starred in multiple episodes of critically acclaimed TV show Arrested Development. Ron Howard was the narrator of the show.

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He is naturally great at comedy. These days he is seen in Brooklyn Nine- Nine, where he shares a great on screen chemistry with funnyman Andy Samberg.

Personal Life

Terry Crews married Rebecca King in 1990 and they have 5 children together. Terry is a happily married man; he says that he loves spending his time with his family more than anything else in the world. This is why he almost never parties.

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Terry Crews may have left sport but he is still a fitness freak. He believes that for a healthy mind it is important that a person must workout. He says that one needs to wear proper workout clothes even if they are feeling lazy and then go to the gym, if one can do these two steps then he or she cannot comeback home without working out. Terry works out up to 2 hours on weekdays and 45 minutes on weekends, he never takes a break from working out even on the holidays.

Terry Crews car singing is famous among his friends; he says he does that to get better at singing.

Terry Crews net worth will continue to grow at least for next couple of years because his acting career is going great at the moment.