Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery – The Unrecognizable Face You Noticed

suzanne somers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Perhaps, we can’t really slip through a person’s mind and find out the reason why they do what they did. Of course, these celebrities like Suzanne Somers, have attempted the plastic surgeries for several times until her face is unrecognizable. She becomes the scary blonde with the talent.

Suzanne Somers plastic surgery is not the first in Hollywood. Her cosmetic procedures have been a very much effort to remove wrinkles and frowns. The regular botox and fillers injection seem to change her face construction. She did not fail the surgery but definitely the surgeries did not really succeed with those scars.

Suzzane Somers was a super model before she started her acting career in the 70s. The mature lady has her role in sitcoms and from there, her career peaked up until she posed on Play Boy magazine in 1984. With her voluptuous body being exposed, Suzanne felt the need to enhance her look. Suzanne found out that she had breast cancer so she had surgeries to remove the cells and she finally recovered. With the regain of health, she became much more aware of how her look will age. She sings and acts and also writes, that is why she needs to keep up with the phase – or that’s what she thought.

These are several lists of her plastic surgeries:

    Suzanne Somers Pictures

  • Remove the eye bags
  • Eye lid surgery
  • Lip surgery
  • Breast reduction
  • Botox and fillers injection

Botox and fillers are two common things that celebs like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston did. However, they managed to stop the fillers once they think it is enough. Unlike these two, Suzanne did not feel the same way. Many experts believe that she has too many injections and that is quite critical. The difference might be in the basic level of how much you want to look beautiful.

The botox smoothen up the skin and removes the wrinkles. The procedure has let everyone loves it as it becomes addictive. Lip implant could be the possibility of the fuller lip and wider look. The face changes a lot because of the lips are different.

Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Suzanne Somers Photos The surgery has gone absolutely wrong. Suzanne might not realize that but once the press took her pictures and compared them to one another, there lies the fact. After recovering from breast cancer, Suzanne did not see the world as a grateful place because she soon begin the journey to go under the knife. Practically, she did grow to be a mature woman but with the attitude comes a big consequence. She found the Japanese doctor who did her breast augmentation.

Apart from that, many other celebrities have blundered their way out of the cosmetic surgery. Star like Melanie Griffith has managed to do such treatment until her face is unrecognizable anymore. She made few changes that even her husband forbids her to. But she never gets enough and it looks unnatural the more she has it injected with botox and fillers. Many fans criticized and may woman still look up to it as an aspiration. At her age, she needs to be certain and content with herself that she is no longer in need of the surgical treatment.

What Do You Think About Suzanne Somers?

Do you think the actress has lost her way of confident that she chose the wrong path? Do you think that Suzanne did not actually feel good about herself that she constantly has to go under the knife to fix the problems? perhaps she is having mental disorder?

What do you think about celebs who choose surgeries for that instant good looking feature? Do you think they have to do it or is it necessary for a celebrity to have it?

Suzanne Somers made a poor choice by taking too many surgical treatments.

suzanne somers MeasurementsSuzanne Somers Body Statistics:

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5’ 6”

Bra Size: 34 C

Shoe Size: 10

Eye Color: blue

Hair Color: blonde



6 thoughts on “Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery

  1. cathy

    Suzannne has been using fillers for a long time, as well as some plastic surgery. She always denied it and claimed her look was the result of her face master electric current facial toner. I always figured she was doing something plastic…and she looked great until around 2004 or 2005 when she started getting lip fillers. It was very obvious and was taking her look in an unnatural direction. She still never admitted it. Finally the big mistake was her stem cell facelift, as she calls it, in 2012 (I think, or possibly late 2011). It left her face rubbery and puffy…especially around the mouth. Whatever she was doing 1999-2001 looked wonderful and she should have left it at that. And, for that sake of honesty in customer relations, she should have admitted it when selling her face master. All she had to say was that it was helping her keep the results of her fillers, etc., looking good longer. So she is dishonest in her claims about her products. And the quality has gone down badly. Suzanne should be working on her inner self. That would be a challenging project. She is greedy and selfish, and now has a face to match her personality.

  2. Lisa Edwards

    She lies about everything..The John Ritter issue..That man hated her for the crap her husband pulled about getting so much more money.. as much as Carroll O’Connor from All in The Family.. a huge star, well established actor when she was a nothing and a nobody who just got lucky and got on the show..She said on DWTS that she was the STAR of that show and she was not even close to being the star..she got well know as that blonde.. big deal….John Ritter was the star. She pulled all that crap asking for an astronomical amount of money and half of what the show was making as a little nothing of a star.. a starlet if anything.. The point is, nothing wrong with women making more cash, but what she and her insane husband as her manager were asking for was insane.She was a horrible actress used for just jiggling around and acting like an idiot.. So what.. She was not the person who should have received more money.. It was Joyce DeWitt if anyone. She was an established actress and so was John an actor.She wasn’t anything. If she would have shut up, she would have eventually maybe received a raise but that was BS. She tried to say what everyone is saying now ..that women were receiving less pay, etc.That was not her reason back then..Her husband and Suzanne got super greedy and they both asked for so much money it was she held up production and made everyone wait for hours for her.. she also wouldn’t show up for taping at all in order to get the producers to give into her demands..she always uses that excuse that SHE left Hollywood, but in fact they wanted her and her greedy husband out because he was really the main person asking for huge, huge sums of money for the early 70’s..that was nuts.. People were getting paid what they were worth. She wasn’t worth it.. Plain and simple and to say all she’s saying now after John is gone,and he has no way of defending himself, makes her such a hypocritical liar.. She makes me ill every time I hear that woman speak.She’s on Faux crap news and she’s hawking her book because she wants everyone to know she’s a Republican..Such a hypocrite.. Her husband gave her shit advice for her being new in the business and he ruined her career single handedly until she had to leave Hollywood for years and go gigs in Vegas when losers used to go there to work..She was really a nothing.. Now they have huge elaborate show and things have changed in 30 years..she’s doing some lounge act but it’s all for 69-99 yr olds.. I’ve seen the photos of her crowds.. the point is, she just needs to stop lying so’s gross and you’re always found out when you do lie..She needs to stop BS-ing everyone..

  3. Lisa Edwards

    Personally since I saw her on Dancing with the Stars I saw how really, really wrinkled up she is. Her body, her face and she looked like she had a huge stomach. She claims that these bioidentical hormones are making her thinner, less wrinkled, the works and what I saw was horrid. She looked downright awful. Whatever she’s doing, she either is so full of Botox and fillers and claims that hormones help her look and act young? That’s a joke.She was a terrible dancer. I think she lies to sell her bullshit products..You couldn’t make me buy anything she has.. There are legitimate co’s that have actual ORGANIC products which she claims to have and I wouldn’t trust her..Why isn’t she selling them in dept or drug stores? That’s what the true test would be if she was so organic & her products were really worth it. Her thighmaster was okay..It’s okay.. but there are gyms that do the same damn thing.. I think she looks terrible. I think she lies a great deal as well.. I notice that every single time she writes a book, like Knockout, she did have breast cancer but with her latest book, all these years after this so called shit happened with her and her husband with mold, she has NEVER mentioned it. Now she is stating she got sick from Mold since 2008.. Well I’ve seen her in so many talk shows and book events and not once did she mention this bs mold story until she had the agenda to sell her book..She’s an odd one. I wouldn’t waste her time on her and her books because Sarah Gilbert has a better book than she does about environmental toxins and Sarah reaps what she sows..I trust her much more.. Also I don’t believe that face master crap worked ever because on DWTS she was so wrinkled and fake looking, she looked hideous. I’ve seen women her age that look utterly amazing.She is NOT the face of the 68 year old woman. She’s the one you don’t want to look like.She’s had a ton of work done and it looks like crap., Her face and body are so wrinkled and bad looking that she looks like a total joke..Caught her in sooooooo many lies.. Never will I watch anything with her again..She’s a liar!!!

  4. factfinder

    Why do all these celebrities lie about all the work they have-100s of thousands of dollars and then sell you their skin care line of snake oil and fools buy it. Last famous words-I have good genes and my mom told e to stay out of the sun-just tell the truth that is so obvious anyway.

  5. Lisa Edwards

    Suzanne has had so much work done it’s ridiculous and the irony of it is that even though her face is pumped full of gross fillers, when she was on DWTS, they showed her close up and she looked horrible.She had so many wrinkles and that fake tan and a huge stomach..This from the woman who speaks of health and good diet in her books and here she is looking awful!! She was really awful close up..Little did I realize how much photo shop they used on her to remove the wrinkles on her book jackets, etc., and she lies..She lied to sell her latest book because she said she had toxic mold starting from 2007.. Since that time about 6 books written by her have come out and not once did she ever mention this..So I find this a ploy of hers that she made to make it look as if she over came the worst mold there is..I worked in insurance and let me tell you..if you have mold that bad, the worst kind that she described, you would pretty much have almost if not definitely tear the damn house down, throw out all of your clothes, furniture, every single thing you own would go into the dumpster because those mold spores kill..Actually kill people and consider how long she said she lived in this so-called mold infested house. she would be dead..She did this BS routine about Dr’s saying she had full blown body cancer when she came out with the book Knockout..She said also when her house did burn down in Malibu, the only truth that came out of her mouth, the burning down part, that she moved into a rental in Malibu and she said there was an unfinished room that had mold in and she never in the 4-5 years of living in that house ever even had an inspector look at the house.She’s worth $100 Mill and she says she NEVER had an inspector take a look at the house..BS..I’ve lived in and around Malibu and everyone because of the water proximity knows you Always get an inspector to look at the house for specific reasons and mainly that..Mold and water go hand in hand..She’s full of shit.. This is why I decided that I was never going to buy another book of hers again.. She out and out right lies and that alone makes me puke.. You can pull up interviews from 2007 on up and you’ll see she NEVER mentioned Mold at all and that’s insane if you get as sick as she said she did..So she lied and she’s a liar. She’s on all these bioidenticals and yet she got breast cancer, says she and her hubby have sex 2-3 x’s a day ..he’s 78 and she’s 68 and I’m not saying it’s possible but because again she was selling the book “I’m too young for this” another book about hormones, she said this on a talk show and it got huge news so she knew as long as she said this BS it would sell a book… So the fact that I saw the way she looked, the fact that she is a liar and the fact that to say this crap to sell books to women who don’t do research is just CRAP..The very, very best Dr. out there is Dr. Christiane Northrup and she is a Dr. She has writ ten so many incredible books about every subject that Suzanne has written about she gives incredible speeches to women about what’s going on with their bodies..she’s an amazing Dr. and look up her books and you will see that she is the one whose books you should be reading..Suzanne just interviews other Dr’s & Northrup has never once given her an interview and makes you wonder why.. She and her sister (Suzanne) have had terrible health. Both have had breast cancer and she’s saying she’s in the best health..well from her performance in DWTS and she was a singer/dancer in Vegas in the 80’s… Well What happened?? She couldn’t dance worth a damn so I didn’t see a vitality ridden woman.. She is not that and she’s had more wrong with her than right with her healthwise..Look at her and she looks utterly fake..Weird tan, terrible skin up close, she has a large stomach and she is not thin..She says hormones made her wrinkle free, lowered her weight and so forth..Well she looks terrible..Most photos of her are air brushed and photo shopped to death. She looks NOTHING like the pictures she has professionally done or the lighting on most stages for her interviews.. She looks her age or older..I’ve seen women older than her that look natural and look amazing.She looks downright awful so as for a good person to take advice from..remember that every single woman is different and that’s that..She is not a Dr and Christiane Northrup is a MD OBGYN that wrote and writes the most amazing books.. Goddesses Never Age, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, All amazing books about health, hormones, and aging.. She’s is the one to go to and to listen to.. Suzanne is a joke in my book because of her stupid lies..

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