Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery

Shemar Moore Plastic Surgery Before And After

Shemar Moore’s Plastic Surgery – Very Hard To Prove Because He Naturally Looks Great

Shemar Moore Looks So Hot, And It Must Be Thanks To Good Genes!

Shemar Moore’s plastic surgery is a matter that has been discussed since some changes in his facial features became evident. These changes are not as dramatic as one might expect when taking into account to how large an extent celebrities go with surgeries, and it leaves us in doubt: did he have plastic surgery or not?

Shemar Moore looks amazing, and this was noticed fairly early, as soon as he decided to become a public persona. He finished high school in California, so it was only normal to try a career in modeling and acting. He starred in some music videos for Toni Braxton, and showed us his perfectly sculpted body. He really looks very hot, and this is definitely a result of both good genes and lots of work. His interesting skin color and charming facial features are the result of mixed genes: his father is African-American, and mother is French Canadian, so it is no wonder that he looks so attractive.

Even if Shemar Moore really did have plastic surgery, it is a very small and discrete surgery. If we had to make an informed guess on what he did, we would go for a nose job. When we look at his older photos and more recent ones, one can conclude that his nose looks straighter and perfect, and his nose bridge is thinner than it used to be.

What Did Shemar Moore Say About Surgery Allegations?

Shemar Moore Photos Shemar Moore’s plastic surgery has been denied by the star himself. All he has admitted to is a cycling accident in which he got hit by a car, fell off a bike and got some broken ribs. This should indicate that he maybe had rhinoplasty to repair a broken nose as a result of the bike accident… which could have happened. Other than this suspected nose job, there is no other surgery we could connect to this male beauty.

Shemar looks amazingly good in his 45th year which is no wonder when you bear in mind that he is totally a sports guy. You can see him jogging early every morning, and he is said to cycle with his co-stars from Criminal minds every weekend. There is an even bigger story behind cycling with his colleagues. Unfortunately, Shemar’s mother has been diagnosed with MS which motivated him to turn his regular cycling passion into a charity activity to raise MS awareness. He and his colleagues have organized numerous cycling activities to raise money for MS research.

This proves that Shemar Moore is more than just a handsome male celebrity. He is a devoted family man (though not yet married nor currently in any serious relationship) and a successful actor, very active and very positive whenever out and about.

Shemar Moore Measurements

Shemar is an interesting man and we are very intrigued how he managed to avoid plastic surgery and interventions up until now, except for this minor nose job. Is it because of his great genes and healthy lifestyle? We can believe it either way, and it doesn’t really matter, because whatever he does, it’s working. He manages to look great while slowly approaching the 5th decade of his life. His body looks like that of a man half his age, and this is really admirable. We admire the fact that his abs and biceps and triceps look as they do-way to go Shemar! He doesn’t present these gems as much now, as he spends most of his time in business suits due to his role, but in or out of a suit, he always looks fantastic !

What do you think ? Did Shemar have surgery or not? Did he have some other interventions besides a possible nose job? Another idea: do you think one of his ex-girlfriends,  Halle Berry had surgery? She certainly looks smoking hot in her 40s, and we truly admire just how fast she bounced back to her pre-pregnancy hot body!

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  1. brandy song

    I think his appearanca hasn’t changed a lot. He looks the same to me. He is handsome anyway.

  2. Janinthebx

    His African ancestry is the most prominent and that what I think he owes his good looks to. He has a beautiful, even color, musculature and features. If he had any plastic surgery which I doubt, the doctor would have done a.great job.

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