Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery Before And After

Rachel Weisz Plastic Surgery – Bringing Out Her Sexy Hourglass Shape

Rachel Weisz plastic surgery is one of the topics being highly debated. Without the surgery, she still looked stunning with her great body shape. She always had a slim waist and her breasts are full. She bears a slender body and round hips to top it all up. When one takes a close look at her nose, there definitely is something quite different there. It is possible that she may have had some rhinoplasty done on her so as to make her face look much better. There is a notable narrowed change there.

Is She The Only One Doing Surgery To Stay Significant?Rachel Weisz Pictures

Well, plastic surgery seems to be the in thing in Hollywood. Singers and actors have been known to go under the knife so as to sustain their young looks or make some corrections where they feel nature haven’t done them justice. Also, there are those who go through plastic surgery due to medical reason like the case of accidents and so on.

A person like the late Michael Jackson had a deep history with plastic surgery spanning few decades. He had a lot of jobs done with him and at some point things seemed to have gone terribly wrong. This shows that cosmetic surgery is not limited to the female folk only. The males have taken their place in the same. It is usually up to a star to say what they do not like and have that corrected. Even very young stars still in their teens have been known to go under the knife showing that age has really got nothing to do with it.

Most Notable Changes On Rachel And Her Diet

Rachel Weisz Photos Rachel Weisz plastic surgery speculations resulted from the comparisons of her photos. The nose is the most notable change and it is really what made people talk. The slimmer nose she spots in the recent photos goes to tell an entire story all by itself. The tip is highly refined and shaped well. The nose seems to go well with her face too. The change is not that big which makes the surgery to be ranked under the successful ones. This is bearing in mind all the bad surgeries that we have heard about and the shattered looks of some of our beloved celebrities.

Nose jobs are quite common with her counterparts in Hollywood. Everyone has their own reason for opting for surgery to alter their look but in most cases they do this for the purpose of beauty. Everyone wants to look perfect in front of the cameras.

Rachel says she lives a very healthy lifestyle. She works out and follows a very strict diet. She starts her healthy regime in the morning. Organic foods and exercise are some of her secrets to staying and looking so good.

Could Rachel Be On Botox Injections?

Experts tend to think that Rachel Weisz could indeed be using fillers as well as Botox. When close comparisons of her photos is done, the young look is quite evident in the recent photos. Her skin doesn’t seem to have been altered by age at all. Her wrinkles seem to absent at her age. Botox is one of the most popular methods applied by most stars to have a flawless looking face.

Rachel always looks stunning even on the red carpet. Her facial expressions are still as sweet and fresh as before. It is like she is frozen in her youth. Although Rachel hasn’t said anything about her looks, there is certainly different.

About Her Life And Career

She seems to be having a great life and is already settled with her husband Daniel Craig. She spends time with her hubby while doing her filming. Her career sure seems to be still significant. Could the new look be the reason for that?

Make a comparison of the photos and tell us what you think.

Is she still as beautiful and do you think she really needed to make any changes on her face?

Rachel Weisz Body Statistics:

Rachel Weisz Measurements*Height: 5 feet 8 inches

*Weight: 114lbs (52 kg)

*Bra Size: 34 C

*Dress Size: 2

*Shoe Size: 8

*Hair Color: brunette

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    Frankly I don’t think she’s done anything to her face, I think it would be more noticeable if she did, and if people really look at the pictures they use to compare her before and after, they usually take pictures where one of them she is making an expression which will obviously makes her look different than her normal self. But that’s just me.

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