Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before And After

Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery – Has Improved Her Appearance Considerably

Robin McGraw is a well-known American Speaker, singer and actress. McGraw is also the wife of a popular author and Television talk show – Dr. Phil. Robin has authored two books “What’s Age Got to Do with it?” and “Inside My Heart”. These books are among the bestselling books in the world. However, recently there have been lots of gossips related to Robin McGraw plastic surgery. But, did she really get plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

The recent rumors have it that the actress keeps looking youthful despite her old age. However, Robin herself has vehemently dismissed these rumors terming them “baseless”. She claims that she has never undergone any form of cosmetic procedure. She uses natural remedies to maintain her body. She expounds that she had discovered an alternative to a facelift and other cosmetic procedures.

Robin Mcgraw Pictures What Do Critics Have To Say?

Despite her effort to convince people that she has never had any plastic surgery, some skeptics have refused to believe her. They insist that the actress must have had some work done. This is because her face is almost unrecognizable these days. According to them, the popular author and speaker have used Botox injections. She has also had a nose job as well as a lip job. While she says that she maintains her body naturally, some parts of her body look very unnatural.


Nose Job

There are many types of nose jobs available out there to choose from. Close observers and investigators have used past and recent pictures of her to prove that Robin has indeed gone for a nose lift. Her nose now appears smaller and more elevated than it used to be. It appears slimmer in her recent photos.

Botox Injections

Many celebrities have used Botox injections to get rid of wrinkles and other aging signs. As one can see from her before and after pictures, it seems like the actress has made the most out of Botox injections. This is probably the reason why she has a smooth and flawless face. You won’t be able to find or notice or any signs of wrinkles on her forehead. Remember she is in her late fifties. According to critics, it is impossible for a woman of her age to have such a youthful appearance. So they attribute this to Botox injections.

Lip Implants

A lip augmentation or a lip implant is the process of injecting some material into one’s lips in order to make the lips fuller and attractive. As one can see from her past and recent photos, her lips look plumper and fuller than they used to be, meaning she received lip implants.

Robin Mcgraw Photos Robin Mcgraw Boob Job

Also, there are many people who speculate that the actress must have received boob implants. If you look at her after and before photos, you will realize that her breasts size has increased considerably. And this has nothing to do with the natural occurrence. She must have undergone a breast augmentation procedure. Meagan Good and Katy Perry had a boob job too, according to rumors.

To be honest, Robin McGraw looks very young than her actual age. This is the main factor that sparked Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors. Though critics have dismissed her explanations regarding her youthful appearance, we think that her explanations should not be disregarded.

Final Thoughts

It is very difficult to determine whether Robin McGraw plastic surgery buzzes are true or false. However, celebrities are well-known for going for plastic surgeries, especially when they start getting old. Though she has been very honest and came out to clear the air, not everyone seems to be satisfied with her explanations. They think that she is still hiding something from the public.

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