Paula White Plastic Surgery

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before And After

Paula White Plastic Surgery – Results Of Surgery

Paula White is speculated to have had plastic surgery. When comparing pictures of her from different times, it is evident that procedures like facelift; Botox injections as well as cheeks implants had been performed. Gossips of Paula White plastic surgery started when it was noted that her face looked fresher and youthful.

Paula is an evangelist known to have had plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance when at the pulpit. Even so, her recent photos show that there have been notable changes, especially on her facial area. She looks younger than she should be and this does not require special analysis or efforts to see this difference. The transformation on her face is easily noticeable.

Paula White who is now 49 years looks considerably younger. You may easily be confused and think that she is in her youth while that is not the case. The transformation on her facial area took a short time and was easy to identify that, it was as a result of having undergone a cosmetic procedure. However, despite her remarkable facial beauty, there are some people who said that she lost her beautiful natural look to plastic surgery.

Botox Injections And Facelift

A close look at Paula White will show that her face is free of wrinkles. This is because of Botox injections which tend to smoothen the skin removing all wrinkles and making her face look younger. Earlier on, Paula had sagging skin but after having Botox injections, her skin became tight as a result of a nicely done cosmetic procedure. Looking at Paula’s recent photos and comparing them with those taken earlier on, you will notice that her skin looks rejuvenated. This implies that she may have had facelift which made her facial skin appear rejuvenated.

Another important bit about her facial appearance is that her cheeks looks firm and well defined especially when she smiles. This could well indicate that she may have opted for cheek implants in order to enhance her cheeks. This is in comparison to her past photos which do not show such level of cheek rejuvenation.

Did She Have Breast Surgery?

Earlier on Paula had small sized breasts but looking at her recent photos she has rounded breast. This is an indication that she may have visited her surgeon to have breast implants so as to look sexy. With her youthful look and good looking breasts she now looks better.

Paula White Photos

Paula White Plastic Surgery – Was It A Success?

Paula White Photos When looking at Paula White plastic surgery concern, the results of her cosmetic operations were a success. Firstly, the breast implants made Paula look sexier as before when her breasts were smaller in size. The implants also made her breasts look firmer which is something that is not seen in women of her age. This is considering that her work as an evangelist requires her to look her best at all times. The other procedures Botox and facelift had positive results as well. Her facial appearance looked like that of a youth. She got a fresher look as opposed to earlier on when these procedures were yet to be performed. You can as well notice that her face became devoid of wrinkles once Botox injection procedure was completed. Poppy Montgomery and Melissa Rivers are other celebrities who had Botox procedures to enhance their appearances.

The fillers and cheek implant too produced commendable results to her facial look. She obtained rejuvenated cheeks as opposed to earlier on when she had saggy cheeks.