Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before And After

Raquel Welch’s Plastic Surgery – An Enormous Success

Raquel Welch is a sex symbol and actress from the United States. She was born in Chicago, in 1940. She became very popular, and known around the globe thanks to the movie Fantastic voyage from 1966. Later on, in the movie One Million Years BC also from 1966, Raquel had three more than memorable scenes, wearing a fur bikini.

Those three scenes turned this gorgeous actress into a sex symbol. She was on the film poster in the fur bikini that she wore in the movie, and that poster was one of the most popular and admired posters of that time. After those two movies, her acting career went uphill, and she starred in movies with really great actors from that time such as James Dean, James Stewart and Frank Sinatra. She has been married four times and she has two children. Whenever she is spotted on the red carpet, speculations and rumors about Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery procedures are at the center of attention. She looks completely stunning, and she is still a sex symbol.

Raquel Welch Pictures What Surgeries did Raquel Welch Have In Order To Improve Her Looks?

When you see Raquel Welch, it is very hard to believe that she is 74 years old. She is still gorgeous, self confident and sexy. In order to look like her, a healthy diet and daily workouts are not enough, and that is a fact. Raquel’s skin is perfect, and when you see her smile, you can not help but wonder if she had plastic surgery procedures or not. The rumors are most likely true, because it would be impossible to look that good at that age without any procedures. Plastic surgery procedures that she probably had are:

Most of these procedures are very easy to recognize, because her breasts are bigger, and her face is completely wrinkle free. If you take a look at some of her female or male colleagues who did not preform any plastic surgery procedures, born at the same time as her, you will see a huge difference. Most of them have hanging skin on their necks, their faces are full of wrinkles, and you can easily guess how old they are. But it is very hard to guess how old Raquel is, especially lately, because she really is dazzling.

Raquel Welch Looks Completely Stunning

Raquel Welch Photos

If you take a look at Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery before and after photos or videos, you will spot the difference in a second. She is completely gorgeous. The first thing you will be able to notice is the fact that her skin is smooth and almost perfect. You won’t be able to see any wrinkles on her face, and her neck has no hanging skin which would be impossible without plastic surgery procedures. Her breasts are also bigger than before which means that she probably had a breast implant procedure. But, when you put all that together, you can say right away that Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery procedures were perfect. She was spotted several times at some very important events, and every time she blows everyone’s mind because she was extremely elegant and attractive. Without those plastic surgery procedures, it would be practically impossible to look like she does.

Rumors About Raquel’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

Raquel Welch MeasurementsWhen it comes to rumors and speculations about Raquel Welch’s plastic surgery, she has never confirmed any of them. She said that the reasons she looks so good are her diet, workouts and healthy way of living. Truth be told, no matter how hard you try, it would be impossible to look like this. So, the rumors are most likely true.

If you take a look at the photos of some other ladies that are much younger than Raquel, you will see that her plastic surgery was a true success.

Some other ladies like Meg Ryan were not so lucky, because those surgeries turned into a disaster and these people became completely unrecognizable. That was not the case with Raquel, because whenever you see her, you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

What do you think about Raquel and her looks? Do you think that she had plastic surgery procedures? 

5 thoughts on “Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery

  1. Angela Turner

    Her plastic procedurs are successful. She looks stunning and sexy. When we look at the pictures we can say that her look has been improved by the plastic surgeries.

  2. Todd Sampson

    Color me skeptical regarding the photos. Comparing photos from 20 years ago then looking at now and simply stating ‘must be plastic surgery’ doesn’t really prove anything. Being incredulous isn’t actually proof.

  3. s.d

    I’ve never been a fan & don’t really think she’s a good actress. She’s only famous for flaunting her body. I guess I’m more miffed because she is only now accepting & revealing that she’s Latina. She’s always portrayed herself as a white woman. Needless to say she’s all plastic!

  4. Hayley

    OK, I know I’m going to get grief for this, but to me, when I look at Raquel now, it’s immediately obvious that she has had serious plastic surgery. Her facial skin looks tightly stretched and gives a waxwork type effect to her face!
    ( Roma Downey is the same…). You can still see she has been a beautiful woman, but personally I find her current look (as seen on the Piers Morgan interview) a bit creepy. I hope she decides to lets her skin relax a bit. Maybe here in Britain plastic surgery isn’t yet an ‘everyday’ thing so we can’t help noticing when things have gone a little too far.

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