Pharrell Williams Net Worth

How much is Pharrell Williams worth:

  • Full Name: Pharrell Williams
  • Net Worth: $77.5 Million
  • Occupation: singer, producer, song writer, entrepreneur
  • Marital Status: single
  • Ethnicity: African American

Pharrell Williams Net Worth

Pharrell Williams Net Worth – The Happy Feet And The Fortune

Pharrell net worth is really huge with his album sold reached multi platinum sales. Somehow, this young boy is a shy guy but when it comes to singing gig, he is the man. The singer follows his uncle, Snoop Dogg but not many people actually compare them as they both has different music path. Pharrell is not much of a rapper himself but he makes big hits and have collaborated with various award winning artists from Alicia Keys to Gwen Stefani.

How Much Is Pharrell Williams Worth?

Pharrell Williams Pictures With the recent contract with Gwen Stefani, it is a multi million dollar deal. You can really get a grasp of how much his worth. The creator of Billionaire Boys club does not give the name without a purpose. He is, indeed, a billionaire with all of those awards and big deal contracts. It is unsure if this music producer might be collaborating with other celebs or making other stuffs for next year. But what is going on with him and Gwen is definitely worth the money. Both of them even signed a contract with a social media platform, Path, and released stickers emoticons for their fans.

Pharrell Williams Net Worth – The Hip Hop Icon

Pharrell Williams Photos Today, people would refer hip hop to Pharrell. Being the richest guy on earth is really something! Besides singing, Pharrell is also one of the coaches of The Voice America. That salary should add up his fortune, like a lot! Pharrell has also expanded his career into music producer. He was the man behind the award winning artists and he is the mostly sought producer in the planet. Because with his cold hand, everything is a massive success. With an estimated net worth of $77 million and still getting better this year, Pharrell is a really down to earth guy. He refused to publish his net worth to Forbes so definitely the magazine only knows a hint of how rich this guy without ever publishing the exact figure. Everyone is talking about Pharrell Williams wife or Pharrell Williams girlfriend and even Pharrell Williams tattoos is a hot topic! Imagine how viral his influence is.

Pharrell And His Iconic Happy Song

Pharrell Williams Photos Pharrell never expect that the single, Happy, is a huge success. There was one time when Oprah Winfrey interviewed him and showed him a video with clips from around the world, singing Happy and dancing the way he dances. Then surprisingly he cries and he was indeed, surprised by how viral the video has got into. He never expect that and he just saw it. The whole world is singing his song and he is nothing but proud.

Pharrell eliminates the stereotype of hip hop artist as being a bad boy. In fact, Pharrell is often compared to Usher, the family man with that sexy voice. They both sing R&B songs but then they are so far away from troubles. In fact, they never get into one like others do. Just name some of rappers like DMX who recently filed for bankruptcy. Now, Pharrell Williams is living a great life and enjoy the companion of his girl friend. He attends red carpet events, concerts, and jamming in the studio.

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