Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Before And After

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery – What Is The Reason Behind Gwen’s Ever Changing Face?

Gwen Stefani is a popular American Actress, singer and fashion designer. She was born on 3rd of October, 1969 in California. The singer is best known for her gorgeous looks and fashion style. There isn’t a doubt that Gwen has a very beautiful face and a gorgeous body. But, what we don’t understand is that the queen still unsatisfied with her lovely, natural appearance. There are rumors making rounds about Gwen Stefani plastic surgery. Taking a look from the photos in the past, it is obvious that Gwen had her face esthetically enhanced. The leading ‘No Doubt’ vocalist looks a bit different now from the way she looked 20 years ago.

Did She Get A Nose Job?

By looking at her older photos, there is a possibility that Gwen may have had a nose job done. While it is difficult to tell when this procedure was done, experts believe that she had the surgery done after the year 2000. Before that time, the bridge of her nose was rather wider and the tip more bulbous than it is now. Her nose had changed into more pointed and slimmer nose. It appears that the procedure was quite successful because her new nose matches perfectly with her pretty face.

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Lip Implant

Another noticeable procedure is the lip implant. Not everyone is of the opinion that she had implants injected into her lips. Many people believe her lips are natural, so this claim is still being debated in many forums. Based on thorough investigations and analysis, her lips have been thick since she was a teen. So, there is a possibility that she didn’t have implants injected into her lips. It is, therefore, safe to believe that Stefani has never had any lip injections.

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Breast Implants

Critics have also speculated that Gwen got breast implants. Her breast looks rounder and bigger than they used to be. When Gwen was a youth, she had a flat breast. In fact, some people thought she had no boobs at all. But, recently a lot of growths could be seen in her boobs and it is becoming more and more obvious. In fact, her breasts look sexier than before. Although one may argue that this may be as a result of Gwen wearing a heavy-duty push-up bra, it is pretty obvious she had breast implants.

Stefani has a flawless face as well. Her face is free of lines and wrinkles. You can hardly spot any creases or folds around her mouth and eyes, which is a bit uncommon for a woman in her early 40s. It is possible that her flawless skin condition is as a result of Botox injections. Gillian Anderson and Donnie Wahlberg have had it too.

What Does Gwen Stefani Has To Say?

Gwen Stefani has strongly denied claims that she had plastic surgery. Even so, she has been quoted saying that she enjoys watching plastic surgery television shows. Nevertheless, her current stunning body and pretty face is completely a non-natural occurrence. As much as she tries to deny the rumors, it is possible that she has had one or two cosmetic procedures. As aforementioned, she must have had a Botox injection and breast augmentation.

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Most famous women have fear growing old and they’d do anything to get flawless appearance. That is why most people think that Gwen Stefani plastic surgery rumors are true, whether it was a breast implant, lip implant or Botox injections. Yes, it is also possible that Gwen has never had any plastic surgery.