Mel Gibson Net Worth

Mel Gibson Net Worth

How much is Mel Gibson worth:

  • Full Name: Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson
  • Net Worth: $425 Million
  • Occupation: actor, screenwriter, director, producer
  • Marital Status: divorced
  • Ethnicity: Australian

Mel Gibson Net Worth – Thanks To That Box Office Movies!

Mel Gibson PicturesMel Gibson net worth is estimated around $425. With the asset and possession, this director started his career back then when he was much younger. His movies were always the hit namely Brave Heart, We Were Soldiers, and other several gigs. He won himself an Academy Award after playing a good father with a brave heart in Brave Heart.

Mel never really gets rid of his Australian accent. His early movies can witness it. Mel Gibson is often compared to Harrison Ford as they both are much seniors in the movie industry.

The Net Worth Of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Photos If you are asking the net worth mel Gibson, he has got his talent after receiving education in art. He also joined Australia’s movie world before embarking his way to Hollywood. His debut was an action hero and it earned him great amount of money. His income is increasing from time to time with the movie maker being on top of the list, it helps him to gain hundreds of thousands dollars.

How Much Is Mel Gibson Worth – The Property

Mel Gibson Photos He is much of a nature lover. This is why his properties collections are massive and located in great view of nature landscape. The Malibu house he just bought has an elevator and big rooms with 10 bath rooms. The lush green area makes swimming so perfect in outdoor location. With the luxurious like this, he had to spend $11 million dollars. Another great picturesque of his house is the Costa Rica cattle ranch. More than 160 hectare of area was purchased in green vegetation. This ranch is not the only one. He also has another one in Santa Monica.

When it comes to living a luxurious lifestyle, Mel Gibson spends another fortune to purchase an island next to Pacific ocean. The life of Mel Gibson somehow is perfect with the lawns and stuffs. So, not just getting himself mansions, but also an island.

Mel Gibson And His Toys

Mel Gibson also owns several vehicles and these collections include Maserati, Mercedes CLS, Gulfstream and some other elite brands of cars. That should be enough to show off his fortune. The muscled cars are some of his favorite items so he could really enjoy the ride while enjoying the view.

Mel Gibson Girlfriend

Mel Gibson Photos The settlement of divorce and stuffs can really make someone goes bankrupt. Grigorieva filed for bankruptcy after splitting with Mel Gibson. She actually turned down Gibson offer to give her settlemen and she expected to get more by taking the chance in court. However, as the judge turned it down, Grigorieva has to face the fact that she could not afford the lifestyle and has to file for bankruptcy.

Mel Gibson children named Lucia is the sole support of Grigorieva as he has to pay the child support up to $20 thousand dollars each month. Grigorieva filed  divorce due to domestic violence. She also taped Mel’s rage as he screamed towards her and punched her in the face. The controversy was a big punch for Mel Gibson but in the end, the Hollywood celeb still managed to land a role in movie because of his talent.

Mel Gibson Body Statistics MeasurementsWhat do you think about Mel Gibson in personal and professional?

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What bout his career as a movie director?

He is now often seen as the guy behind the scene rather than playing a big hit movie.

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