Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before And After

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery – Probably Happened Because She Looks Very Youthful

Who Is Nigella Lawson?

Nigella Lawson Pictures Nigella is British beauty most known for her cooking skills. She graduated ford college literature and worked as an editor in newspapers, but we got to know her as a host of culinary shows in which she prepares us tasty, amazing food with common ingredients. She makes cooking look simple, and with her sweet face and attractive look we have become fond of a kitchen! She has also issued several cook books that were bestsellers, just as her shows are always popular.

What caught our interest along the way is the fact that this nice lady doesn’t seem to age despite the fact that years are going by.

This is the reason why rumors of Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery are becoming louder with every passing day, since she is in her 50s, and looks at least 10-15 years younger. Is it due do plastic surgery or good genes and gourmet cuisine? Let’s keep on guessing!

Nigella Lawson Photos When looking at some past and present Nigella’s photos, we would take a guess and say that Nigella had following cosmetic interventions:

Botox injections have removed any traces of wrinkles, and this has left her pretty face looking nice and youthful, refreshed and relaxed. On the other hand, we are putting our guess on liposuction as well, because there has been ongoing rumor that Nigella is battling weight problems. This is no wonder considering her professional career and the fact that she has to taste everything she prepares. And haven’t you noticed how much this woman enjoys every bite of food? We really do believe that she loves food; she loves to eat and it is only normal that this causes her headache because she has to take care of extra weight. That being said, we again have to underline that she looks very nice. Her figure is feminine; maybe a bit voluptuous but still very pretty and well built. Maybe this is not due to surgery but due to good choice of wardrobe, but still she always looks very nice, without any evident track of extra weight.

Nigella Lawson Photos Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery has been performed professionally and there are no obvious marks of it being done. Star chef has denied ever having any cosmetic interventions. She always states that she is all natural and that she doesn’t like plastic surgeries. Her good look is simply due to good genes and healthy lifestyle.  She also said that she does exercise regularly to maintain healthy weight.   She made it clear that she is happy with her look and that she doesn’t think that she needs plastic surgery. Well, we also like how she looks, weather it’s the result of plastic surgery or completely natural!

Another thing that could have been a reason for loss of weight is the fact that she has went through tumultuous period of life. She went through nasty divorce of her husband (who is also a celebrity chef), and there were some news that he physically assaulted her, and that he also did drugs…considering the fact that Nigella has always acted like a lady and led very private and simple life, it must have been quite hard for her to handle all these troubles without having it affect her weight and look in general. She has left out of this stronger and more confident, and it seems that is at a good spot in her life now, looking great despite her 50s, and staying as popular as before. There was no negative publicity for Nigella due to this divorce and troubles.

Nigella Lawson MeasurementsNigella Lawson plastic surgery is an example of a surgery with good outcome, just as in case of Jennifer Aniston. She is also a case of successful plastic surgery that barely left any trace on her, except for improved, more youthful look.


What do you think of Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery? Would say that Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery happened or is just a rumor?

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