Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery – Definite Appearance Change

Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery has been rumored for quite some time, as it became evident that singer’s nice face is changing. Plastic surgery is popular in South Korea so we guess that pop star fall into a trap of certain beauty expectations that are probably very high in the circles he moves in. Celebrities are expected to look their best, and male singers are no exception.

Kim Hyun Joong Plastic Surgery Before And After

Kim has obviously concluded that cosmetic interventions will make him look his best. However, we think that in his case, this didn’t happen, but quite on contrary: plastic surgery has altered his appearance and we are not quite sure if it has happened for better or for worse. What do you think?

Kim Acknowledged Rhinoplasty-Nose Job

Some stars go ahead and admit that they had plastic surgery, and Kim is one of those. He did acknowledge one plastic surgery: rhinoplasty, i.e. nose job. However, he stated that he had to have this surgery because he had deviation on septum which obstructed breathing and caused him problems to perform. This is the reason why he went for surgery, i.e. just to remove consequences of a medical problem caused by an accident. This plastic surgery has enabled Kim to sing as great as before the accident.

Kim Hyun Joong Pictures Kim Yun Joong plastic surgery before and after photos show us how much his face changed due to plastic surgery. We are not completely convinced that he had just one surgery, as his face looks quite different. It is a think of personal preference weather one sees this change as a good or bad. We feel that plastic surgery should complement individual’s facial features without changing them too much. KimYun Joong changed his appearance quite a lot. Plastic surgery has sharpened his appearance. With perfect nose he now has, he looks even more masculine than before. Maybe this is also due to years that go by, because he is growing into an adult man, but his perfectly shaped nose gives me added masculinity.

Kim’s Popularity

Kim Hyun Joong is one of the most popular male singers and actors in South Korea. He is multitalented star who sings and acts perfectly, and this has brought him popularity all over East Asia.  Kim Hyun Joong’s fame is only growing, as he is continuously working on new songs and stars in new movies. It is evident that this young’s star fame will not be fading anytime soon, as teen girls are totally crazy for him. Now, as for his altered appearance, it is evident that this has brought him even more popularity, if that is even possible. With his explanation that this plastic surgery was necessary for medical reason, he totally justified his changed look, and everyone approved this cosmetic intervention. We can only wonder if this story is true, or is it just a scenario to make his choice more popular, however-there is no doubt that this plastic surgery has been performed very professionally, and that it has improved his look.

Kim Hyun Joong MeasurementsWith the fact that he has justified his plastic surgery, it didn’t brought in question his fame and popularity among fans, because there was no question as weather he changed his appearance in plain vanity. With justified medical reasons, no one can question his motivation for plastic surgery, and this makes him credible and a good character. There are lots of celebrities who didn’t offer any plausible reason for having plastic surgery, and this has made them look simply vane. Besides this, not only that their motivation was bad, but surgery also went wrong and gave bed results. Daryl Hannah is perfect example of plastic surgery gone wrong. She used to look amazing, with her unusual facial bone structure, but plastic surgeries she had (probably to look younger) totally ruined her face, making it into doll-like and totally artificial.

But please tell us your opinion on the success of Kim Hyun Joong plastic surgery.

Do you agree that it made him look better than before?

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