Mike Rowe Net Worth

Mike Rowe Net Worth

How much is Mike Rowe worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Gregory Rowe
  • Net Worth: $35 Million
  • Occupation: Television host
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Mike Rowe Net Worth – Is He One Of The Richest TV Personality?

Early Life

Mike Rowe net worth of $35 million is an example of a real self made empire. He was not born into a rich family. He worked really hard to make his dream come true.

Mike Rowe was born in Baltimore USA in a working class family. Apart from his parents his grandfather also had a very big influence in his life.

Mike was never interested in studies much and that is why his parents encouraged him to try unusual jobs. One of his earliest jobs was to reading loudly to the blind people. Mike Rowe admits that it was that time when he first thought about becoming a host as he really loved reading the materials loudly for his audiences.

Mike Rowe moved to Los Angeles and started looking for jobs in TV. It did not take him long to land his first gig as a Television show host. He started hosting a TV show for QVC. Mike Rowe jokingly said in one of his later interviews that even though at first the producers loved him because he had a great voice the opinion started changing very soon. He started talking to the callers in a funny tone and he also made fun of the products. The QVC bosses were so angry with him that they fired him 3 times, but somehow he managed to get his job back until he himself decided to leave that job for good.

Mike Rowe’s most famous work is definitely hosting the reality show Dirty jobs. The show talked about weirdest jobs that people has to do to earn a living. This may not sound very exciting but TV audiences are glued to the show.

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Critics described Mike Rowe as the biggest working class hero. He always made sure that peculiar jobs get the limelight, he wanted to make sure that some not so traditional jobs also get some spotlight and the people who do that feel special. Mike Rowe never acted like a fancy TV host who attended award shows. He achieved success as he managed to convince the common people of USA that he is one of them. Mike Rowe net worth is almost same as other television personalities like Jimmy Kimmel and Jerry Springer. But he lives a life that is much simpler than them. He never dated a celebrity or acted like one, his personality was so loveable that TV viewers easily have fallen in love with him.

He worked with so many TV channels including Discovery and CNN; he participated in lots of adventures for his TV shows. He made a lot of odd jobs look really glamorous.

Mike Rowe admitted that the show Dirty job was his tribute to father and grandfather.

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Ford was knows as Mike Row car as he was their longest spoke person. Until recently he used to talk about Ford cars, tracks in his show. But since his show canceled by Discovery the car manufacturer also ended their contract with him.

Mike Rowe net worth is expected to grow much more in next decade, he is going strength to strength and according to many Mike has one of the most powerful voices on TV.

From a reader for the blinds to one of the richest man in US, Mike Rowe definitely made it big in life.