Michael Schumacher Net Worth

Michael Schumacher Net Worth

How much is Michael Schumacher worth:

  • Full Name: Michael Schumacher
  • Net Worth: $800 Million
  • Occupation: Sportsman
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian

Michael Schumacher Net Worth – Is He Richer Than Roger Federer?

Michael Schumacher net worth is $800 million, but today nothing really matters for the champion. He is currently in a vegetable state because of a head injury that he suffered during a ski trip. His wife Corinna is still holding out her hope that one day her husband will wake up and able to lead a respectable life again. But if rumors are true then no doctors she consulted so far gave her any kind of hope. The family is currently selling a lot of Michael owned possessions as even though they still hope he will be better one day, they accepted a cruel fact that Michael will never be the same man that he once was. Fans Worldwide are still praying. The Schumacher family does not really give a lot of updates to the media about Michael’s health except that he is doing better. The unfortunate accident happened around 2013 Christmas time while Michael was holidaying with his family.

Career Of Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher net worth started building when he joined hands with car manufacturer Ferrari.  Their team became the most successful team in the history of Formula 1 championship. Michael Schumacher and his team dominated the car racing circuit from 2000 to 2004. After that some rules of the championship changed and even though Michael managed to win one or two solo car championships he was not the best driver in the World anymore. Michael eventually decided that 2006 will be his last year as a professional race car driver.

Michael Schumacher Pictures

But Michael Schumacher car racing love is hard to tame, so he made a comeback in professional racing again. This time though his racing was not up to his own high standards and he finally retired for good.

Michael’s younger brother Ralph was also a formula 1 driver, but he was never in the same league as Michael.

Michael Schumacher is considered as one of the best in sport history along with Steffi Graff, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Phil Ivey.

Personal Life

Michael Schumacher got married with his childhood sweetheart Corinna in 1995. They are still together, which is rare in celebrity world. Michael and Corinna are the proud parents of two children. They are considered as one of the happiest families in sports world. Corinna is known as a God fearing Christian who has very strong values, her husband also frequently thanked her for keeping him grounded.

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Michael Schumacher is one of the top choices for many well known brands when it comes to endorsing their products. He endorsed varieties of products including bottled water.

Michael and his wife are also very active with their charities; they gave away a huge portion of their earnings to help under privilege kids.

Michael Schumacher net worth was apparently in trouble as many websites reported that his family had to spend all his earnings in his treatment. But that was a false news since when the list of richest athletes released Michael was still in there.

Michael Schumacher Photos

Everyone who knows Michael is praying for a miracle, as of now he is still unable to talk and move. But his wife is yet to give out hope and according to her wishes every family member of the athlete talks to him every day to bring back his memories.

On the positive note Michael Schumacher son just began his journey in car racing.