Michelle Wie Net Worth

Michelle Wie Net Worth

How much is Michelle Wie worth:

  • Full Name: Michelle Sung Wie
  • Net Worth: $12 Million
  • Occupation: Professional golfer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Korean

Michelle Wie Net Worth – How Rich Is The Best American Woman Golfer?


Michelle Wie net worth is stated to be 12 million dollars. She is one of the most successful professional female golfers in America.

Michelle Wie net worth amounts to $12 million. She is among the youngest people to have won the USGA golf championship, when she was just ten years old.  She also boasts being the youngest to win the US Amateur for women.  In addition, Michelle Wie was also the youngest player to be a part of the LPGA tour event. With such as a record, you expect her net worth to have reached the aforementioned figure or even surpassed it.  Let’s have a look at her career life.

Michelle Wie The Professional Golfer

To begin with, Michelle Wie was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1989. From a tender age of four, she started playing golf.  By the time she was 10, her skills in the game, were well polished. This is why; she won the USGA championship and became the youngest player to win the tournament.  It would interest you to know that she stayed with the title for eight consecutive years. This is quite impressive. This was until another younger player grabbed the title from her.

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This did not disappoint Michelle, in 2002; she won the Hawaii State Open Women’s Division. Three years after, she began her professional career in golf.  This was just before she turned 16 years.  She joined Stanford University back in 2007. However, she was not allowed to play in the college golf team, since she was then a professional golfer.  In 2009, she won the Lorena Ochoa Invitational, which was hosted in Guadalajara, Mexico. The event was part of the LPGA tour.  While it added significant amount of money to her net worth, it also became the 66th LPGA tour occasion and 81st tournament, she has ever appeared in her whole golf career. She has earned her net worth from the earnings and the awards, she has acquired from her career over time. With this pace, she will be rich as the likes of Tiger Woods.

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Michelle Wie Private Life

Michelle Wie is currently dating Robin Lopez. Michelle Wie boyfriend is a top player in Portland Trail Blazers. Lopez also has a twin brother who plays for the Brooklyn Nets. At first, they denied that they were in relationship but as always, their images together betrayed them. According to a present interview, Michelle said that she loves Lopez and that they are perfect match. She is 6 feet whereas the boyfriend is leaning against seven.

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There is the net worth of Michelle Wie.