Paul Stanley Net Worth

Paul Stanley Net Worth

How much is Paul Stanley worth:

  • Full Name: Stanley Bert Eisen
  • Net Worth: $125 Million
  • Occupation: Musician, vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, painter
  • Marital Status: Married to Erin Sutton
  • Ethnicity: White

Paul Stanley Net Worth – Learn How Much Paul Stanley Is Worth

Paul Stanley net worth is quite huge. It amounts to 125 million dollars. He has earned most of this money as a musician, songwriter, guitarist as well as a painter.  Most of his fans came to know him from his performances with the group, Kiss. The rock band became popular in 1973. The main reason why the group was very successful included their eccentric performances. Certainly, you cannot talk about Paul Stanley net worth without talking about the music band. It contributed much to his current worth.

Paul Stanley Career In Rock Music

He was born in 1952, in Manhattan but he grew up in Queens.  He got his high school education from the High School of Music & Art. However, he never landed in college. But, as you can see from his whopping net worth, lacking to go to college did not interfere with his career growth. Another thing, which you may not know about Paul Stanley, is that he had a problem in one of his ears, a condition known as pinna. This too did not whack his career.

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Before Kiss was formed, Paul performed with several rock bands but they were not successful. Some of the rock bands include Uncle Joe, Post War Baby Boom and Rainbow. When still a teenager, he joined Wicked Lester, where he performed together with Gene Simmons. If you do not know Gene, he is one of the members of Kiss. He is a successful musician, producer, guitarist and songwriter. However, his net worth is almost three times, the one of Paul Stanley.

Wicked Lester broke down but the two Gene and Paul stuck together. They started placing ads on newspapers, in a bid to find new members of the group Kiss. They were able to get Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. Their first album came in 1974. It included tracks such as “Firehouse”, “Strutter”, “Black Diamond” and “Cold Jin”. However, none of these singles became a hit. All the same, the album was featured on the Billboard 200 chart. In addition, for three years, RIAA certified it Gold.

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The group gained commercial success, when they released their album, Alive. Others of their albums include Love Gun and Destroyer.  Since 1970s, the band has produced 28 albums and sold more than 500 thousand copies. Most of his net worth is from this group and he has received recognition for his great vocal chords.

Paul Stanley Personal Life

He has married twice. His first was with Pamela Bowen, who was an actress. They had a son but divorced after nine years. Later on, he married Erin Sutton. Currently, she is Paul Stanley wife and they have three kids. He also spends his free time in charitable causes regarding people with facial defects.

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