Ricky Martin Net Worth

Ricky Martin Net Worth

How much is Ricky Martin worth:

  • Full Name: Enrique Martin Morales
  • Net Worth: $60 Million
  • Occupation: Singer
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Ethnicity: Puerto Rican

Ricky Martin Net Worth – How Much Is Ricky Martin Worth?

Ricky Martin net worth stands at 60 million dollars today. He is a popular singer of the Latin origin. He is among the richest celebrities from the region, in the entertainment industry. While many people know him as a singer, he is also an author and an actor too. Although these two have contributed to his massive net worth too, he has gained most of his wealth as a Latin singer.  Just how has Ricky Martin made his money?

Ricky Martin Career Life And Successes

Ricky was born in 1971, in Puerto Rico. He gained prominence in the music industry, back in 1984, when he joined Menudo, a music band, which started.  He was a talented singer even at an early age. He remained in the group for five years and then began to perform as a solo singer. This worked best for him since it earned much revenue and placed him on the international arena.

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In 1991, Ricky Martin debut album came. It comprised of Spanish songs.  Some more Spanish albums followed this. He came to release his first English album, much later. The album was called “Ricky Martin”, which was the same name; he had given to his first Spanish album. This album had many hit singles such as “Vivin La Vida Loca”. The song gained him popularity globally and augmented his net worth significantly.  He sold 17 million copies of the album and it garnered positive evaluations. Besides, he was dubbed as the Spanish songs performer.

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Other albums included “A Medio Vivir”, “Sound Loaded”, “Vuelve” and “She Bangs”. In 2008, he released a compilation album, which he named “Ricky Martin 17”. The sales of the aforementioned albums increased his net worth tremendously.  Ricky has been very successful in music, sometimes he is compared with the likes of Enrique Iglesias and Alejandro Sanz.

Ricky Martin Private Life

About his personal life, in 2010, he announced to be homosexual and from his own words, he had not regrets whatsoever.  Another thing you should know about Ricky is that he loves surfing and skydiving in India. In addition, even if he was brought up as a catholic, he enjoys yoga and Ricky has been reported saying that he embraces all religions. You may be wondering why he likes to sing in Spanish. This is because he has Spanish citizenship.

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There you have it – the net worth Ricky Martin.