Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth

Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth

How much is Larry the Cable worth:

  • Full Name: Daniel Lawrence Whitney
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Comedian/Actor/TV producer
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian


Larry the Cable Guy Net Worth – Is He The Richest Cable Guy In The World?.

Daniel Lawrence Whitney is more popularly known as Larry the cable guy. He was born in Nebraska to a Guitarist father. He said that his father also loved to entertain people and it is probably from him he got this talent for comedy. His mother other hand was a strong believer in God and Christianity. So while growing up religion was a big part of Daniel’s life.

Today Larry the Cable Guy net worth is more than $50 million, and most of his income came when he started playing this character called Larry the cable guy. People today hardly recognize him with his original name, he is commonly known as the cable guy who has a country accent and talks with many of his catch phrases. He appears in many talk shows and he talks in his character and not as his own personality. He made hilarious appearances as the Larry the cable guy in late night with Conan O Brien, and “tonight show with Jay Leno”. Critics say that he is a smart person, but he knows that people love to see his not so sophisticated personality more than what he is in real life and that is why he continues to be in the character. Playing Larry the cable guy is the main source of his bread and butter.

Career Of Larry The Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy Pictures Daniel started doing odd comedy shows. He did many shows but was not getting noticed as the way he wanted. He also did some radio shows. But nothing big was happening in his career. He knew he had to do something different as there were many comedians out there and only the ones who are unique make it big. He decided to develop a character Larry the cable guy. He was from Nebraska and he gave his character a country accent to keep him close to his roots.

He then started doing standup shows as Larry the Cable Guy. Those shows became incredibly popular especially among younger audiences. People started knowing about him and many talk show hosts started to invite him. Many big time actors started to talk about him and praise his materials. He became a sensation. But what was great is that even after building Larry the Cable Guy net worth of $50 million he stayed truly humble and never stopped playing the character which gave him everything. He still does not want people to know him as a person and loves staying in his alternate character.

Personal Life

Daniel Whitney is a happily married guy with two children. He married his wife Cara in his home town Nebraska. He and his family still live there, they have a big farm. They chose to live a humble life close to the nature rather than fast life of Los Angeles.

Larry the Cable Guy Photos

Daniel also appeared in many TV sitcoms and movies as his alternate ego. Those appearances also helped him in taking Larry the Cable Guy net worth to $50 million.

Daniel is also a generous giver; he once donated more than $5 million to a charity. He is known to be a good friend and helper in his hometown. People close to him say that even after achieving so much success he still remains the same.

Larry the cable guy once told the media that he met this year’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a urinal. This is still counted as one of the weirdest celebrity meeting stories of all time.