Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery

maria shriver Plastic Surgery Before and After

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery – Procedures Improved Her Looks

Maria Shiver is an American author, journalist, and she is also known as formal First Lady of California, because she was the wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was the California Governor. Maria was born in Chicago, Illinois, and she is 58 years old. As an author, Maria Shriver published several books, and six of them were a best-selling books, which definitely is a huge success. For the 1988 Summer Olympic she was a co-anchor for NBS’s coverage of the games. NBS got an Emmy reward for that coverage, and Maria received a Peabody Award. She also won an Emmy award. One of the facts that is very interesting about Maria, is that she is a member of Kennedy family. Her mother was a sister of Edward, Robert and John Kennedy. Maria was married to Arnold Schwarzenegger from 1986, but from 2011 the couple is separated. Maria Shiver definitely is an excellent journalist, but she is very beautiful lady as well. Her style is always chic, and she will blow your mind whenever you see het. When speculations about Maria Shriver plastic surgery procedures started, people were not shocked. She is a true celebrity, and cosmetic surgeries are very popular for ages, especially when you are popular as Maria Shriver.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Procedures

Speculations about Maria Shriver plastic surgery procedures started when she and her husband Arnold separated. Most people think that Maria wanted to get some refreshment, which is why she had decided to go under the knife. The thing is, even if the rumors about those procedures are true, Maria looks simply wonderful. Many plastic surgeons agree that she did not have some major work done. She probably had:

  • Botox injections
  • Face lift procedure

As you may notice, it is not something too excessive. The thing is, if person gets to many Botox injections, the result may become a nightmare. In the case of Maria Shriver plastic surgery you won’t notice anything so shocking. Her facial skin look flawless, and she do not have any wrinkles. Truth to be told, she would not look that good without face lift procedure, and Botox injections. She is almost sixty years old, and every lady will have face full of wrinkles and hanging skin on their necks. That is not the case with Maria. You may find many different examples in Hollywood, when ladies of Maria’s age completely ruined their looks. You can take a look, and you will find many terrible plastic surgery procedures, even among men celebrities. For example, Barry Manilow plastic surgery is more than obvious, and it is considered to be one of the worst in Hollywood. There are some rumors that he had Botox injections several times, eyelid surgery and three face lift procedures as well. He definitely ruined his looks, and when you see his photos, you will instantly see the difference.

Maria Shriver Looks Great Even Though She Is Almost Sixty Years Old

Maria Shriver Photos Sometimes, you may find inspiring when you see ladies of Maria’s age that look that great, recently, Maria was spotted on the beach, with no make-up, wearing sports swimming suit. She definitely looked perfect. Yes, she does not have any wrinkles, and hanging skin on her neck, which is why rumors about Maria Shriver plastic surgery procedures are probably true. Her body looks amazing as well, and she definitely is in an excellent shape.

maria shriver MeasurementsIt would be great if some other celebrities are modest as Maria Shriver when it comes to plastic surgery procedures. Most of them are too excessive, and as a result they turn into some kind of plastic dolls. That was not the case with Maria. Her natural beauty remains untouched, which is why you will be delighted with her looks. She seems really self-confident, and she has every reason to feel like that. She did not conformed any of the rumors yet, and it seems like those stories do not bother her too much. She definitely is happy.


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